A celebration

We had a little party for my friend Mary this evening. Actually, Mary likes to celebrate her birthday by making dinner for her friends. So we enjoyed salad, roast beef, roasted potatoes, corn, and rolls courtesy of Mary. We brought dessert. I found this cute candelabra candle yesterday. We put it in Mary's creme brulee.

My sister showed us this video in honor of Mary's birthday. We found it hilarious and I hope you enjoy it too!


Michelle said…
HILARIOUS video!! I can SO relate. Lol! Happy Birthday, Mary! What a yummy dinner and that candle is so cute!
FUNNY!! And very true! I'm glad all of you had a wonderful time. The menu sounds delicious! Happy Birthday, Mary!

OMG I can't stand it. She is singing about my life. This was the funniest post and made my day. I can't stop giggling. Thank you Elaine!!!
Donna said…
Gosh, that sounds like a yummy dinner! And I have seen that spoof - it is HILARIOUS! It would be even funnier if I didn't relate to so much of it! haha... Donna
Fete et Fleur said…
Loved the video! It scared me too, as I have many of these symptoms. (LOL)


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