Bath product addiction

I admit it! I have a bath product obsession.

My favorite and everyday-go-to-product is Philosophy's Amazing Grace shower gel and shampoo. It smells clean yet has a bit of girliness to it. Most days I will reach for this bottle. This fragrance and the other 2 listed below are my personal favorites because their scents are not overwhelming. I think I previously mentioned that I have a bloodhound sense of smell and most fragrances give me a headache.

Occasionally I will treat myself to a bottle of L'Occitane's Green Tea shower gel.
This is another clean scent and I love it.

If I want a little variety I go for Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works. I layer the shower gel with the body lotion for longer lasting fragrance. This reminds of the Sunshine shower gel Bath and Body used to carry but discontinued many years ago. I loved that fragrance. Moonlight Path is a close second. I even have some wall plug ins with the Moonlight Path scent.

There you have it, my top 3 fragrances. Care to share your faves with me?


Anonymous said…
I've pretty much gone 'scentless', but I do enjoy Origins Ginger Souffle whipped body creme anytime it's gifted to me.

I can get a headache walking through the perfume dept! Like you I like soft and clean scents! Philosophy has wonderful products.
I use Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Products. When QVC features there today's special value, Amazing Grace is usually the product that day. I buy it then and you get a huge amount of product for the money. Great value!
GOOD MORNNG DEAREST!!! You are now in NEW ENGLAND???? If I remember correctly, you were in Germany, right? WHAT PART OF NEW ENGLAND? I lived in Massachusetts, 30 miles north of Boston on the North Shore. Oh, thank you for coming over to visit and YOUR NAME is in for a chance at the blue wand!!!! HAVE A GREAT and relaxing weekend; these products look lovely!! Anita
I hear you sister! Love bath products. Amazing Grace is one of my staples.
Janet said…
Nantucket Briar by Crabtree and Evelyn. Light and fresh, just a bit girly! Been my "go to" for over 20 years :)

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