Memories of past romances

Thanks to all of you who left such great comments on my last post. It's always nice to have your support. Wish I had known you all earlier in my life!

Tonight's post is about memories of past romances.

The first one is about a boyfriend I had in my teens. For our first date, he asked me if I wanted to go to the Red Sox home opener. Wow, I was very impressed! I asked him where our seats were located, thinking we would probably be in the bleachers. He said, "Oh, I don't have tickets! I thought we would climb the billboard and watch it from there. You can really see everything from up there". I politely declined but we did go out after that.

You might remember the subway guy from my Sweet Romance post from last February. We both worked at the movie theater. He was an usher and I was a candy girl. So on the first night we went out, he showed up at my house with masking tape down the sides of his jeans. He said he thought I might not recognize him without his usher's uniform. I cracked up, a great start to the evening. I love a man who makes me laugh!

Then there was the guy who only took me out to lunch. You guessed it! He was engaged, the snake!

Anything my readers would like to share? I'm listening!


Well, there was a date the night before my brother's wedding, we went to the beach for dinner, on the drive home he got sick, pulled over on the highway, threw-up, and then when we got to my home kissed me! Yuck! Didn't go out with him again!

I'm so happy to have met my husband, he's a great guy with a fantastic sense of humor. Just tonight, my sister and her fiancé were over, she's a florist and she brought me the most beautiful Valentine's flowers, anyway, she was arranging them in my vase, she had a few extras and took the Ball canning jar off my window sill, filled it with water and dropped some extra flowers in it. I told her she just filled my penny jar with water . . . my husband pipes up and said "now you have a wishing well!" We all cracked up!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
I like the guy with the tape.. inventive and a sense of humour..

Sorry I've missed some of these posts.. been flat out with stupid stuff these last few weeks..

I remember your posts from last year and loved them.. Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie
What great stories . I don't think I can remember much of my dating days I will have to think on this .

I remember the last two I guess now that i think about it not very romantic at all

that is why now I just shop shop shop for vintage things and enjoy my little pug dog

Anonymous said…
Yep, met a snake or two in my lifetime as well... the gall of them!

Great story about the masking tape up the pants... what a fun guy he must have been!

Funny memories! I had a deal-breaker with my "first love".... I was 15, and it was my cat's birthday. I invited everyone to the party, and literally no one showed up. Except him. And he even came with a present! I thought that was very thoughtful, and certainly the key to my heart (through my cat, that is)! ♥
I missed your last post but I have to say I think the guy was a real jerk and his mother had no manners whatsoever. I feel sorry for who ever ended up with him.

Oh, the joys of romance...if I had a dollar for every time I was jilted!

I was just telling someone the other day about my second date with a guy I thought was nice. He asked me if I wanted to come to his house to watch a rental movie. So I went and little did I know, the TV was in the bedroom. I should have left, but instead I reclined on that bed, stiff as a soldier, ready to whack him with a lamp if he tried anything. I never saw him again!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said…
Greetings from Southern California, USA

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to :-)

God Bless You, ~Ron
I was supposed to go out with a guy on a date but when I went to pick him up he wasn't there (he didn't have a car because he new one was on order). Anyway I left feeling really jilted and decided to just drive around for a while. Suddenly I see him in the back seat of a convertible with his arm around another girl! Looser!!!!

Another guy tried for a while to get me to go out with him. I finally relented and went. He was so sweet and the date seemed to go great! After that he totally blew me off. So disappointing.

My husband is and always has been the BEST date ever!!! He treated me like a queen when we first started dating. He's still a keeper, even if he does fall asleep on the couch every night lately. LOL!
Pamela said…
OH that's a great one...tape down his pants!!! I like him!
Come on over I'm having a giveaway!
Michelle said…
Cute post, Elaine. :)) I haven't dated much and whenever I do they tend to be long term. All I know is I seem to hit the ten year mark and something happens. Lol! I was with my husband for 10 years then kaput. I was with my ex boyfriend for 10 years then kaput. Jim has made it four years, although we've known each other eight total....I'm scared for what will come in a couple of years. Lol! I'm starting to wonder if it's me! I do have my walls up with men for some reason. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

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