I know I'll be watching my mailbox

According to CBS News, 1800 invitations to the Royal Wedding have been mailed to the lucky recipients. Depending on who you are, you may receive one, two, or three invitations.

The first invitation is to the church ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the second to the Queen's reception and the third invite is to Prince Charles's evening reception. Only 300 invitations were sent for the third party.

So I am renewing my passport and anxiously watching my mailbox! How about you? How will you prepare for the Royal Wedding?


It starts at 11:00 am in England so I figure that is about 9:00 pm here. It will be a late night for me catching it on TV. I HAVE to see it!

I hope they televise Prince Charles reception, there is supposed to be dancing! ;-D

LissyLou said…
me and the girls are having an honory 'hen night' out and then i'm watching the wedding with my mum whilst having afternoon tea xx
I remember watching Princess Diana's wedding and being late for work. How sad for Prince William not to have his mother on the biggest day of his life. Hope the invitation comes. lol!!
Anonymous said…
Wedding? What wedding. *grins*
Shanae Branham said…
I can't wait to hear that you got your invitation!
Wonder if we could show up anyhow
Benny & Lily
My hope is that the press won't haunt Kate's every move like they did with Diana. What a shame that she cannot be here to watch her son get married. Truly a life cut to short. My hope is that William and Kate have a good life together.

Let us know if you get that invite, Elaine!
I think I'll start by shopping for a hat! I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for my invitation. I wish them all the best!
Simply Me said…
Thank you so much for following me on my blog......Love your kittys, i have a maine coon, cat he is about 25 lbs.... You have a beautiful blog.

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