What I did with my week off

I had eight vacation days to use up by the end of the year. I really had no big plans between Christmas and New Year's I really just wanted to relax. So here's the recap of my days off.

Actually I did have some plans. I had tickets to the Nutcracker Tea in Melrose. My sister and friends Lori Lee and Karen attended with me. We knew it was sort of geared to children but I was told adults would enjoy it too.

And I did enjoy looking at all the little girls and boys dressed for a tea party.

The Christmas Tree at Corinthian Hall was lovely and had some very over sized candy themed decorations on it.

The children decorated a castle with candies.

All the little girls were dressed in their party finery. So cute!

I thought this girl looked perfect as she waited for tea.

Then she caught me snapping her photo and well, not so pretty!

A local group of dancers performed some scenes from the Nutcracker. This is the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Our tiered tray was filled with delicious treats- sweet and savory.

Another look at the candy castle.

The ballerinas won over the audience.

Our centerpiece. I loved his hat.

The ballerinas graciously posed for photos with their fans.

And then they served us dessert. One for each of the dances.

Even the cupcake holder had a tutu!

I think the dancers really enjoyed themselves too!

I know the children enjoyed it.

After Christmas we had a blizzard so no shopping after Christmas sales on Sunday. But later in the week I did stop by my favorite store in Concord, Nesting on Main. They had some beautiful decorations for sale at 40% off. Yippee!

Here's the view as you enter the store.

This angel is made of paper. She went home with me. I am thinking she is more of a Winter angel than a Christmas angel and so I can display her through the Winter.

All their displays are so gorgeous.

It really was a Winter Wonderland and it got me to thinking about my New Year's Eve tablescape. I always have a small party on New Year's Eve.

One more photo of Nesting.

While I was driving to Nesting I passed by a farm with a snowy field, very picturesque. Out of the corner of my eye I spied what looked like a beautiful white horse illuminated by the sunlight. I decided to head to Nesting and check it out on my way back.

I was so happy that the horse was still in the same spot when I returned. There was a no trespassing sign so I parked my car and walked down the snowy path towards the horse. He was

A man came down the path almost immediately to see what I was up to. I told him I just wanted to take a few shots of the horse. He proceeded to tell me the story of Drummer.

Drummer was rescued by the man 3 years ago. He was about to go to a slaughterhouse in Maine. He had been abused and was a former dressage horse. He is 20 years old.

Drummer has some good days and bad days. Lucky for me he was having a good day. He is one gorgeous animal and I can not imagine who could possibly abuse him.

The caretaker/owner of Drummer had been planning to put this sign out front. He was putting it up just as I was leaving. I was thankful I had met these two even though it brought tears to my eyes to hear the story. I am so happy that Drummer is now in a loving home.

On to the Bedford Village Inn for another holiday tradition. My sister and I try to meet up with our friends Lori Lee and Duane for a post Christmas dinner. We love to see the Inn decorated for the holidays.

This is the entrance to the restaurant.

This is one of the rooms of the restaurant. We did not eat in this room.

Fast forward to dessert. The big one was my dessert.

My sister had the chocolate pudding cake.

I opted for the chocolate bag. What is it? A chocolate shell filled with cake, chocolate mousee, berries and whipped cream. Yum! I took half of it home to enjoy the next day.

So here's my New Year's Eve tablescape inspired by my shopping trip to Nesting on Main.

Hope everyone is enjoying their New Year! As for me, it is back to work tomorrow.


You certainly had a wonderful week! I have to go back to work tomorrow too... I'm dreading it! :p
Cindy said…
Happy New Year, Elaine!
I so enjoy reading your blog and the pictures are always beautiful.
My friend and I were also at BVI, last wk. The lobster mac & cheese was delicious as was the cookie plate. I love when someone orders the chocolate bag for the first time! Yikes!
Medieval Muse said…
I found you via Parrish Relics and am joy-filled at your lovely inspirations and winter scape. Your owl centerpiece is perfection.

Drummer's story breaks my heart. Indeed, how could anyone hurt any animal, let alone such a majestic creature like this one.
Beautiful! It looks so Christmasy
Benny & Lily
Salmagundi said…
What fun for those little girls - big girls, too!! Your chocolate bag dessert was to die for. Sally
French-Kissed said…
Wish I could have tagged along...it all looks wonderful...I also like your new header photo...I do wish for snow this time of year!

Donna said…
LOVE the photos of Nesting on Main and your New Year's table with the white owls - absolutely stunning!!!

How could anyone abuse a creature so magnificent as Drummer... It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can inflict pain or suffering on any animal. Thank God for the man/family who adopted Drummer. Every time I hear a story like this I immediately think of Black Beauty. I remember reading it as a child, and being struck by the realization that the quality of an animal's life is so dependent on who comes to own that animal. They truly are at the mercy of man...

I hope you had an easy transition back into your work schedule after your vacation!... Donna

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