A Visit from Jack Frost

It's been so cold the past few days and today was the worst. It hit 8 below zero and that was the temperature not the wind chill factor. Not too comfortable for outdoor photography but I did manage a few shots.

I thought the little girls looked so cute all bundled up outside of Frannie's restaurant on Saturday morning. Their friend was taking their photo from inside the breakfast place.

On the way home I noticed the snow in the cemetery and thought I would stop to photograph it.

The Stonham common and Congregational Church made a pretty scene. The town hall is behind the snow mound.

Days before that, I walked around Winchester and thought the birds, the steeple and the moodiness of the sky would make for an interesting shot.

At home, I caught Percy in a stretch after his cat nap.

And then it was right back to sleep but in the dining room instead of the bedroom. It's warmer there.

Oscar hunkered down in the living room chair near the fireplace. I was a little jealous of the kitties as I got up for work this morning. I knew I would have to brave the bitter cold to get to work and they could just relax and sleep all day.

Molly put her face towards the sun hoping for some warmth, but, alas there was none.

I reluctantly bundled up with gloves, scarf, hooded coat, and boots, looking like Nanook of the North or maybe the Michelin Man. The weatherman freaked me out by saying that some people could have car trouble and could get stranded in their cars. He suggested bringing a blanket to keep in the car just in case. So I bundled up in case I got stranded on my 10 minute commute to work. Ha, ha!

The forecast? Warmer temps (in the 20's) and a possible storm with a foot of snow from Wednesday into Thursday. Affecting both the Wednesday evening commute and the Thursday morning commute. Now, I really want to be my cat!


They do have the life! We have been hearing about your weather here...it is downright dangerous. I'm glad you know how to bundle up...well we up North do...I worry about everyone else.

Great shots. Do you live near Stoneham? That is where I stayed with friends when I visited Boston years ago.

Have a good week and stay warm!!!

weaverpat said…
Lovely photos! Winter has so many great opportunities for excellent pictures, but it's just too cold for me to stick my nose outside.
The kitty pictures are great! Yes, it can be good to be a cat...
Love the pictures! And I completely relate to you on wanting to be your cat; every time I return home after being exposed to blustery conditions, I come upon my kitties who are perfectly warm and snuggled up on my bed. I'd love to do that all day! ♥
Kitties have the life! Mine stays asleep in his basket by my dining room radiator all day.

We will be getting even more snow here in NY tomorrow . This winter is going to break records.
We can learn from the animals! Keep warm, at all costs! I do keep a blanket in my car . . . just in case! I'm not looking forward to this next storm and then another on Saturday . . . Spring, where are you?
Oh to be a much beloved pet. I leave my dog on the bottom of my bed everyday when I go to work. She is toasty warm, comfortable and spoiled rotten. I can't believe we are getting more snow. Where are we going to put it all?

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