Stepping out of my comfort zone

So I am thinking of participating in the 100 strangers project. Do you know of it? You can read about it here

I have taken photos of strangers from afar, but, to go up to a perfect stranger and introduce myself, ask permission to take their photo, and then get a little story out of them? That's kind of nuts.

But I want to do it and I hope you will too. Just think of the interesting people you can meet and the stories you get to tell. It speaks to the photojournalist in me.

So who's game? Anyone out there want to sign up to meet 100 Strangers? And just for fun, you can listen to my playlist for inspiration. It's at the bottom of the blog.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Wow.. sounds interesting.. funny you know I'm always the one who strikes up a conversation in an elevator or shop with complete strangers.. but to do it with a task in mind.. I clam up.. I'll think about .. look forward to seeing your posts.. ciao xxx Julie
This is something that in theory sounds intriguing to me, but I am a shy person and it would take all the courage I could muster to do this. I love the idea and am looking forward to hearing more details about your experience with the introductions and questions. Good luck!!
I followed a couple blogs that photographed 30 strangers in 30 days. I think that would be my max! 100 seems like a lot. Good luck!
Oh! I am far too shy to do this. I can start up small talk but that is about it. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Can you put the pictures on your blog?

Lily oes up to every stranger she sees and successfully introduces her self
Benny & Lily
Pamela said…
Cool idea! I love REM!
I can't wait to see your posts on this and yes this takes alot of guts!! Good luck with it!
Pamela :)
I like the sound of taking photos of strangers. I'm so nosy that of ourse I like the sound of it!!!

I hope the snow your way has settled down. I loved your photos in the post below. I hope your keeping snug and cosy in your house, my lovely.

This sounds like an interest challenge, what's the time frame? I'm always chatting with people, but asking them for a photo & a little bio would certainly be challenging! I'll definitely think about it! Have a wonderful day!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE this idea of photographing and then sitting down to talk the the person. No telling who you will meet and what wonderful stories you may hear. FUN!

Good luck!!
Donna said…
I'll definitely be looking forward to your shots! I remember last year you took many photos of people and families on Martha's Vineyard. Maybe you can talk to, and take photos of, the plow drivers tomorrow. I'm sure they'd have lots of interesting stories about the past few weeks! Can you believe another storm is headed our way? Geesh, enough is enough!! Stay warm!!... Donna

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