Mosaic Monday- Coffee

What better way to start the week off than with a nice cup of joe? These are some new and old images from my vast collection of coffee photos.

Going for coffee is one of my favorite ways to socialize and there is no shortage of good places to find the perfect cuppa in the Boston area.

Please join Mary of Little Red Schoolhouse for Mosaic Monday and check out the other participants too!


I'm crazy for coffee. I just received a Keurig for Christmas and am really enjoying it.
Pamela said…
I love love my coffee!!
mom said she suddenly wants coffee
Benny & Lily
I love coffee! I also got a Keurig coffee machine for Christmas and I'm enjoying trying all the different blends and flavors. It's still fun to go out for a cuppa too!
Pondside said…
A good cup of coffee is such a treat! My daughter works at a Starbucks so I have my very own barista!
Ingmarie We said…
Couldn't survive without coffe. Very charming mosaic.
Allison said…
My, you have a beautiful blog. I'm glad you visited mine so I could find yours! Very lovely...and a great way to have a peek in on New England life!
Snap said…
Wonderful. This will warm you up on a cold day. Well done!
Coffee is nice at home (we have a Keurig also) but I still like to go to Starbucks for something special and the atmosphere.
Anja said…
Wonderful idea to make a mosaic about coffee!!
Michelle said…
Oh I am so with you on a good cup of coffee. I have even stopped drinking Starbucks and prefer good old fashion, robust, rich, coffee (and maybe with a little flavored creamer). :) I ADORE your header picture!! xoxo

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