Eat, Pray, Shovel

It feels like all I've done this week is eat, pray, and shovel. I think we had about 3 snowstorms this week. Each day I was praying that the roads wouldn't ice up until I arrived home from work.

And there's another storm headed here tomorrow. I am hoping it clears out for the weekend so I can take advantage of the photo opportunities.

To those of you anticipating tomorrow's storm, drive safe.


I don't think we have had nearly as much snow as you this winter. We are in the middle of a cold is 2 degrees right now. I would take snow over this. But the ice is another thing and we have had a few problems with that.

Stay warm and safe.

I cracked up when I saw the title of your post! Living in MA on the NH border I feel your pain, although you did get more snow than us in the December storm, but we got more than you in the second storm - I think we've balanced out! LOL!!! Keep warm and stay safe!

Hasn't there been tons of it. Next Tuesday we are expected to have another storm. I love the title of your post. Eat, Pray,Shovel. You are very witty. Stay warm, I just came in from being outside with my dog and I'm chilled to the bone.
Now that title intrigued me! Great one. We were predicted to receive 8-10 inches and received +26. With our next one scheduled to hit on Weds. More eating, praying, and shoveling to come...

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