Cozy by the fire

"There is no place more delightful than one's own fireplace"- Marcus Tullius Cicero

With more wintry weather headed this way, I think we will just sit by the fire and relax this weekend.


Enjoy your cozy home. I will bring in a stack of wood tomorrow for my fireplace. I love a fire when it is snowing outside.
I love this picture, your room looks so cozy and warm! I made a fire last night and really loved it. I love a snowy day, but I hope the weather lets up for all of you there in the East a bit. All that shoveling isn't good for you!

Pat McIntosh said…
This looks like the best way to spend the day...what a treat. Happy Weekend!
So cozy :) I dream of the day of having my very own fireplace ♥
Pamela said…
What a lovely way to spend a cold the fire with a beautiful cat! Perfect!!
I love all the new photo headers you keep posting.
Michelle said…
Nothing better than a nice warm fire with the kitties. :))
Donna said…
Oh my gosh, is that act ually Percy sitting so still?

Beautiful photo... so cozy and inviting. You must be loving your fireplace!


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