Taking a break from the hustle and bustle

Yesterday, I started my vacation. You would hardly know it. I had 10 phone calls relating to work which really but a damper on my visit to Burdick's in Harvard Square. My friend Kim and I did get to Burdick's and ordered our hot chocolates but then my cell phone rang and every 5minutes it would ring again. The calls were all business related. It was so annoying. I did manage to pick out a few presents and brought home some dessert from Burdick's which made me quite happy.

So this morning when the sound of the snowplow awakended me, I told myself I was not going to get stressed about holiday shopping or anything else on my vacation. I did finish my shopping today and I bought all the groceries needed to make some goodies for Christmas Eve.

And then I took a break and went to the local Panera Bread. I got the best seat in the house by the fireplace and I had a cappuccino and a gingerbread cookie. And while sipping my drink, I observed other people taking a break too. A senior couple having salads, a mother and daughter giggling and sharing dessert, and some young people just hanging out with their friends drinking lattes. See, the holidays do not have to be stressful. You need some down time.

Here are some photos I took of the kitties and the condo yesterday.

Percy waits for Santa. It's his first Christmas and someone needs to tell him Santa does not walk through the front door.

This is the front entrance to our 4 unit building.

And this is my front door.

The top of my hallway bookcase, a combination of antique store finds and a little Home Goods.

A Christmas favorite of mine, the wooden egg my sister painted for me. The flip side of the egg has a snowy gazebo painted on it.

A wreath adorned with an antique child's tea set.

I saw this idea in a magazine or did I see it in someone's blog? Anyway, you use a soup tureen to display vintage ornaments.

I put more in a second tureen.

A friend made this pretty tea cosy.

My dressform, Vivienne is stylish in her mink hat and my velvet coat.

Antique skates with greenery.

Another antique store find.

The entrance to the living room.

Two vintage birds are the only decorations on this year's tree except for the banner.

My skater doll, a gift from my friend Lisa, is always on display at Christmastime.

I love the flickering bulb on this nightlight.

Percy is waiting for his presents.

Oscar relaxes and enjoys the warmth of the fireplace. Oh, I mean the warmth of the cable box. That's probably a fire hazard, will have to remove him.

I may not post again before Christmas so I wish you all the happiest of holidays. Don't stress and enjoy your time off!


Beautiful pictures :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! ♥
Robin Larkspur said…
Your decorations are so beautiful, elegant and festive. Always enjoy the photos of your kitties! Merry greetings of the season, and turn off your cell phone!!! Robin.
Donna said…
Oh, a very Merry Christmas to you, too, and your fur babies! You have the most beautiful and inviting home, and you have put me to shame with the decorating you did, even with a little Percy child cat. I just posted about trying to embrace Christmas minimalism every year... then I go and look at your blog and that idea flies out the window! haha

All my best to you,
What beautiful photos Elaine! I just know your condo would feel like home to me. So many elegant personal touches.

Percy is adorable looking through the lace curtain! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas : )
Fifi Flowers said…
LOVE a break by the fireplace... sipping something yummy!!! ENJOY!
Jan's camera said…
I love the photos of your home. Your house is beautiful. Any units for sale? My cat used to love my cable box also until I got the new flatscreen TV so now the TV sits on the cable box. Aw too bad for Felix. I love all of your Christmas decorations.
Elaine said…
Surry Jan, no units for sale. There are only 4 units in the building.

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