Messiah at the Mall

You probably already saw this video but watch it again. It was sent to me by a friend and I think it's really cool! Enjoy!


Michelle said…
Wow, that is so moving! I got chills watching it. I had not seen it before. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season, Elaine! Love the pictures of the kitties below. They all pose so perfectly. :)) xoxo
I have seen it and it totally lifted my heart.

I am afraid I missed your soiree, so I am going to read that post now. Sorry!

Thank you, this made my morning. I got goose bumps. Can't wait to show my kids.
Donna said…
I loved this and shared it with several people! I also enjoyed your clever snow globe idea - what a personal and unique gift! I hear you about the tree. We still haven't put one up. Normally we put it up over Thanksgiving weekend because both girls are usually home. But no tree this year - at least not yet!...Donna
Kay Ellen said…
I love this~~~such an awesome idea to bless shoppers at the mall with this song!

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

Kay Ellen
The Curious Cat said…
Pretty wonderful!!! xxx

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