In Percy's World

In Percy's world everything is a toy. He scans the room just looking for his next plaything.

I wonder who pulled that bulb off the branch.

It's a scratch

and sniff world.

And scratch, Percy no! He thinks that's his name, Percy No.

Then he gives me the who me? Innocent look.

As rambunctious as he is, he can steal my heart when he climbs in my lap and snuggles. He is a world champion snuggler and I can never resist that face!


The Curious Cat said…
Gosh I love these photos - how do you take them? My cats never stay still...he is simply gorgeous! xxx
I think what makes these photos so appealing to me is that Percy still has that kitten quality about him. Just a pretty kitty.
weaverpat said…
He is adorable!
But I know the feeling, like what will he get into next???
We adopted three young ones this year and some days our house (that I thought was pretty much cat-proof) is a disaster.
Christmas is such a wonderful and exciting time for a kitten!
May you and your little furry ones have a wonderful holiday season!
Donna said…
Haha .. I feel like we are living in a parallel universe, you with your Percy and us with our Baby! I'm sorry to hear that some of your delightful decorations got "percied"... Maybe next year it will be a bit safer for both of us to decorate! He is so gorgeous! He and baby have the same sweet (impish) faces - and share some similar markings. If she were gray and white rather than black and white, and had shorter fur rather than longer I would think they came from the same litter! Merry Christmas to you all!... Donna
Salmagundi said…
May your Christmas be peaceful and glorious! Sally
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Dear Elaine
This little kitty [like all your kitties] has brought so much sweetness to your world.. thanks for always sharing that with us also... Percy is definitely a charmer..

I hope your christmas is filled with love and happiness... much love xxx Julie
Kay Ellen said…
So cute Elaine!!
Our pets can bring us so much Joy!!

Merry the egg your sis painted you!

Kay Ellen

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