Christmas Gift Ideas

The older I get, the harder it is to think of unique Christmas gifts. Perhaps we could all use a little help in this area.

I think one of my favorite gifts was something I made very inexpensively. First, I bought a bunch of snow globe picture frames. Then my sister and I drove to our friend's houses and photographed their illuminated houses under cover of darkness. First of all, we didn't want them to see us and second, we needed to see the home with the Christmas lights on.

We then cut the photos to size, placed them in the snow globe frame, and voila, instant white Christmas at each person's home. Believe me, this gift will wow the recipient and they will take it out year after year to display at Christmas.

Here's another fun gift. Go to the website Rent Mother Nature and lease a goat for a friend or family member. I leased a goat for an animal loving friend a few years ago. As her gift she received a certificate of the lease, an "action" photo of the goat, and some goat cheese. I forget how many logs of cheese she got but they were different varieties. She said the goat cheese was delicious and she enjoyed owning the goat for a year.

My sister is giving one of her friends a guitar jam session with an admired guitarist.

I am leaning toward consummable gifts. We all have too much stuff, don't you think?

So, what creative gifts will you be giving this year?


Kay Ellen said…
Great gift ideas~~~

Have great week Elaine:))

Kay Ellen
Hi there,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You are NOT too late to vote for the cat rescue. Although they did not win the $25k from Pepsi last month, they have another chance to win in December! YIPEE!! :-) Please vote for them at:

Now, as for unique gift ideas....I just made a donation in my sister-in-laws name to a ranch in upstate NY that gives free summer and winter camp to children with life threatening illnesses. In addition, they have horses and a petting zoo. They treat the animals humanely and send them to retirement homes when they no longer enjoy being with the children. So, they are great with kids and animals! :-)
French-Kissed said…
Your gift ideas are fantastic...really love the snow globe idea and I am also loving your new Winter that one of your friend's homes?...looks like the perfect place to spend Christmas.

Jan's camera said…
Hi Elaine, I love the snowglobe idea. Where do you buy those. That would be great for my sister. Her house looks so beautiful all lit up.

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