Things to do before the Christmas Soiree

I know you think it's too early to think about Christmas but I scheduled my second annual Christmas Soiree for December 4th. That is not all that far away. Yikes, there's so much to be done!

I need to make a few changes to the condo before the guests arrive on the fourth. First of all, I will have a new electric fireplace in the living room. It's supposed to be delivered on November 23rd. I am so excited to be getting a fireplace! It's mahogany color and it has a remote and it's Victorian style and it can throw heat if I want it to. I know I'm gushing but I am really psyched to have a fireplace in the condo. Don't worry I'll take photos when it arrives.

So, I can't have a gorgeous fireplace sitting next to my old cat scratched chair. Last year I threw a white sheet over the chair and called it shabby chic. This year I think it needs to go out to the curb. After the holidays, I will look for a smaller chair more in keeping with the style of my sofa.

I can't wait to decorate the fireplace for the holidays but before I do that I will need to have the television wall mounted. Then I can put the lights and greenery around the mantel.

I was hoping to put a vintage frame around the TV to mask how modern the TV looks. I have been looking for two years for the perfect frame with the right dimensions but I still haven't found one. So I guess that can wait til after the holidays too.

A while ago, my dad said I could have my grandmother's china cabinet. It is sitting in his basement now, unused, so it will have new life in my condo. I am going to put it in my dining room and fill it with my prettiest teacups, teapots, and dishes. It is so precious that I am having a professional mover take it from Dad's house to mine.

To make room for the china cabinet, the hutch will be going downstairs to my office. This room needs some TLC since it has mostly sports memorabilia in it and I want to transform it to a functional office space. A bit of femininity wouldn't hurt either.

I am making progress with my party preparations. Invitations made through Etsy have been mailed. Party favors for all the guests have been purchased. I have somewhat of an idea for the menu and have chosen the Christmas music.

This year I am going to have carolers singing outside the condo (my sister and her friends). The walkway will once again be illuminated by luminarias.

No need to panic yet. I think I am making good progress!


Salmagundi said…
Sounds great! I can hardly wait to see the new china cupboard and the fireplace. I thrive on change, and even get excited when someone else is making changes!!! Enjoy the rest of the week. Sally
Donna said…
Oh, it sounds fantastic! Everything - the party plans, the fireplace, the decorating... It is such a fun time of year. Can't wait to see it all put together! And yes, our furry little felines do keep us on our toes, don't they? haha... Donna
Wow, so much to do. I think decorating for Christmas is one of my most favorite things. Can't wait to see how yours all comes together. You set a lovely table, I'm sure your having a blast planning it all.
How exciting! I'm planning a Christmas party on the 18th... have to get to planning it soon!
I'm so envious. You're always doing something new and fancy to your condo, or having a chic little get together. I can't wait to see the fireplace! You're going to love it!! And just think of all the decorating possibilities ; )
Parisbreakfasts said…
when is the CAT's Xmas soiree?
I'd like to come to that...
I'll bring the mice snacks :)
val said…
that all sounds so wonderful.....and the carolers will give it such a Victorian touch!
I am so excited for you getting the will add an all new dimension to your room..and give heat! How wonderful! I may take ours for granted...we make a lot of fires early in the season and then stop after February unless it gets bitter cold. It takes a lot to keep a real fire going.

It sounds like the china cabinet is going to have a great new home and be well loved. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of it. I am sure you have beautiful china to fill it with!!

Best wishes in planning for your party. It sounds wonderful...I can't wait to hear all about it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Elaine! :-)

Fete et Fleur said…
What a lovely party you are planning. My heart is joyful that you will be getting a new fireplace. I've lived in many homes that didn't have a fireplace so I understand your excitement. Have a wonderful Soiree!


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