Thanksgiving Plans

I hope everyone has some fun plans for Thanksgiving and the long weekend. As for me, I am going to my "Italian Mother" Clara's house for dinner on Thursday. It will be a small gathering and I'm bringing cream cheese mashed potatoes. The recipe is from one of my Susan Branch cookbooks. Yum!

When I was at the market tonight I carefully selected the potatoes and put them into the plastic bag. When I went to put them in the cart, the bag broke and the potatoes went tumbling to the floor. I laughed and a woman who observed the calamity helped me pick them up. We searched but couldn't find all of them. I hope no injuries occurred from slipping on red bliss potatoes.

This weekend I'll be getting the condo decorated for Christmas since my party is the following weekend. Yikes, so much to do. The fireplace has arrived and just needs to be assembled. And the china cabinet is coming from my Dad's house.

I am debating about the Christmas Tree. The little one, Percy, will probably destroy it. So maybe I should put the tree up the day of the party so at least it looks good for one night. Hmm, have to think on this one.

I wish all of you a wonderful, safe, fun filled Thanksgiving and weekend. Gotta go I just heard a commotion and I am sure Percy is smack in the middle of it!


Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! ♥
I love that recipe! I have all of her cookbooks. I make a variation with sour cream {and more calories} added!

You must be so excited about the fireplace and china cabinet. Your home is going to look spectacular dressed up for the party! Good luck with the Christmas tree!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I love my Susan Branch cookbooks, I'll have to try that recipe! Can't wait to see photos of the fireplace and china cabinet! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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