An Autumn Luncheon and the Giveaway Winner

On Saturday I had a few friends over for lunch. I can seat 6 comfortably and any more than that is tight. So I invited 5 friends.

I planned all the details. The menu, the tablescape, the flowers, the music, even the scents in my home. I wanted it all to be perfect.

So you can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I woke up on Saturday morning to the sound of hammering and drilling. My new upstairs neighbor was having all of her windows replaced! I went outside and asked the workmen how long they would be working. It was 8:30AM and my luncheon was at 2:00. They didn't speak English. Finally one workmen came outside and told me they would be working all day. I was not pleased.

I went back into the condo and I looked out the living room window. There was a bulldozer in front of the house. Evidently, the sidewalks were being paved and the police were not even letting anyone park on the road.

I wondered where my guests would park as there were window frames falling in the parking lot at my condo and no parking on the street. Great!

Normally I would go ballistic but I found my inner zen and I laughed it off. I was a little ticked when the workmen left the back door open and all the cold air and leaves rushed in. And my fresh flowers went limp from the chilly breezes blowing in.

Anyway, everyone had a good time. We dined on butternut squash soup, grilled sandwiches stuffed with oven roasted turkey, brie, arugula and cranberry apple butter. For dessert, my guests had three choices, warm pumpkin pudding cake, cranberry apple crisp a la mode, and brownies. With dessert, I brewed an artisan tea called Jasmine Fairy Maidens. This is a very beautiful tea and should be brewed in a glass teapot. Once the boiling water hits the tea pod it begins to unfurl and eventually a red flower emerges. It is really fun to watch.
Sorry no photos of the tea, I could not get a good photo of the flower.

For pre luncheon nibbles, we had a pumpkin cream cheese spread with assorted crackers, white stilton cheese with cranberries, herbed goat cheese and red and green grapes. The grapes were so large they looked like something from a rainforest! We drank hot spiced cider and cranberry autumn tea.

Despite the initial upset with the workmen and the paving going on outside the condo, I would say the luncheon was a success.

And as promised I have drawn the winner's name for the 2 bird mugs and the tea. Congratulations to From Beyond My Kitchen Window! Please contact me so I can get your info and send you your goodies.


What a feast! And everything looks beautiful! How come I never get invited to lunches like that?

You ladies certainly do know how to enjoy a Saturday afternoon : )
Hi there I'm so excited about winning the lovely tea cups and delicious tea. It was a very generous and thoughtful gift. Thank you again for such a fun give away. I emailed my name and address to you. Your Saturday lunch table looked great. The fall menu sounded yummy and what choices for dessert. I've said it before you set a stunning table.
French-Kissed said…
Oh my, so glad you were still able to enjoy the beautiful luncheon. Everything looks wonderful and the menu is making me want a midnight snack. Your story reminds me of last Christmas when my entire family was about to arrive on Christmas Eve. Because we often have very warm weather, some of the festivities and informal dining was to take place outside. Well my neighbor's gardener showed up and spread manure fertilizer all over their front yard. I have never even heard of a gardener showing up on Christmas eve! Needless to say it did not mix well with all of my fresh flowers, baked goods, candles, pine, and the wonderful aroma of the prime rib roasting in the oven. I had blocked this out of my memory til I read your story. The only thing to do is laugh it off and move forward. Love your new Autumn header with your kitty.

Your table looks beautiful, and the menu sounds like a perfect autumn luncheon! Despite all the problems it sounds like you and your guests had a wonderful luncheon. Where can I find the Jasmine Fairy Maidens tea?
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Oh Elaine
How annoying!!! I can so relate to this.. it must be the week for it..earlier in the week I did a whole post about the neighbour who makes me nuts!! as he is...AGAIN.. today!!! hahaha

I think though the yummy food and good company would have distracted your guests from the noisy neighbours.. It all looks delightful!!!!

Congrats to the winner... and have a fab weekend.. sans le noise!!! ciao xxx Julie
The Curious Cat said…
Sounds like a very delicious lunch! Shame about the workmen but at least you didn't let it spoil the occasion! And three dessert choices?! Gosh you do spoil your friends! xxx

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