The secret to a happy life

"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats"- Iris Murdoch


I totally agree!!

LissyLou said…
couldn't agree more x
YUM! Next time you visit the Cape, and if you make it down near Wellfleet, you should try some macarons at PB Boulangerie. We've tried them and we're hooked! ;)
Salmagundi said…
The macaroons are calling my name! -- They are my favorite 'once in lifetime' treat. Enjoy yours!! Sally
Susan said…
Good afternoon, Elaine! I am visiting via Erin's blog: I heart New England. You have a lovely blog and I'm really a big time New England fan and hoping to one day live out that way. Shooting for Vermont some day. :-)

I just love your blog and I'm so happy to have found it thanks to Erin's interview with you.

Hope you are having a lovely fall,

Oh, I'm having a giveaway at my blog and thought I'd mention that to you as well.
Michelle said…
I couldn't agree with you more!! And kitties too. :))
kayellen said…
Oh my Yummmmmm :))

Kay Ellen
I agree, you need to take time and smell the coffee, tea, roses etc., life is too short! Thanks for the reminder!
Janet said…
I would certainly agree with that - I try to indulge myself regularly!

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