Summer 2010, a retrospective

At the end of each season I like to take a look at my photos and see all the things I've done and the places I've been. So here's to Summer 2010, it was great fun!

A daytrip to Cape Cod. We jam packed a lot of activity into 12 hours!

I had dinner with friends in Newburyport. What an evening! We ate waterside and there was a gorgeous sunset!

And a rainbow!

I had tea at Pauline's with the tea group. Lovely and yummy!

I had a birthday dinner in Rockport.

I went on a garden tour in my hometown but felt like I was in England!

We took our friends out for their anniversary. We selected My Place by the Sea in Rockport and had a spectacular meal.

I attended a few Farmer's Markets on Saturday mornings and Tuesday afternoons.

My annual Wimbledon breakfast was on the fourth of July this year.

Of course, the highlight was our trip to the Vineyard. Oh how I love that place!

Come Labor Day, Summer was almost over but it was 90 degrees plus up at Nubble Light. We had the group shot taken in front of the lighthouse.

And that's where I met this little guy with the scratched up nose who stole my heart. And now he's the newest addition to the household and his nose has healed.

So there you go, my Summer in a nutshell. I enjoyed reminiscing about it but I do not miss the Summer heat and humidity. On to my favorite season, Autumn!


~Kristen~ said…
You sure did have a fabulous summer, judging by those great pics! And I just love how you rescued that little sweetie and gave him a forever home!!! :-)
Donna said…
I wondered when Percy would end up on your sidebar! So glad he has found his forever home!

What a lovely reminder of your summer... such beautiful photos. I also love your current blog header.

Knowing that winter waits on the other side of Autumn keeps the fall from being my favorite season. And although I will not miss the humidity and ridiculously high temps of this past summer, I am already missing the long daylight hours (sigh...)
As a fellow New Englander I love reading about what makes other New Englanders happy. You have a lovely blog, please stop by and visit my blog and perhaps join. It's always exciting to get another follower.
Robin Larkspur said…
Fabulous photos, especially of the "English" cottage, and your new little kitty is very sweet. Glad I found your blog, through Erin's IHeartNewEngland blog.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
Well I've enjoyed your summer too... getting live vicariously through all your outings and vacations.... Martha's was certainly a highlight.. but Percy stole the show!!! Such a cutie!!

Have a lovely week.. I've been off the air with no internet.. but hopefully back now.. ciao ciao xxx Julie
Susan said…
I'm just falling inlove with your blog and you have such sweet furry critters. We have four kitties ourselves and they provide us with endless amusement and cuddles. :-)
Susan said…
Well, I'd say that adorable kitty was the highlight of your summer, although all your other remembrances sounded great, too. Susan
I love the idea of a "Retrospective" post! You look like you had a great time this summer - love all the coastal photos! I am fortunate to spend most of the summer in Maine and a short walk from the beach. I love New England! Nice post!
Rhonda said…
Percy looks like a cheeky boy! We have a black and white tuxedo named
"Mew-Mew Boy" he was abandoned by his mama. A house isn't a home without a cat, isn't that an old saying?
Janet said…
reviewing your summer is a nice idea - you had a great one from the sound of things.

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