Percy's Photo Shoot

I hoped to have some foliage shots to post but I think the color is supposed to peak next weekend so you might have to wait. So of course I decided to turn my camera on the kitties.

Percy is interested in the camera so he was good subject. Here he thinks he's King of the Hill. I removed the birdcage from the table since it was knocked down once and I figured it wouldn't be the last time.

He is such a handsome boy!

He's scanning the room to see what trouble he can get into.

Oops, that is a little dark!

This is his guilty look.

And here he is with his favorite toy, a mouse. Ew, every time I pick it up it's wet! Then the other day I saw him drop it in his water dish and swish it around. He washes it before he plays with it!

And here's his beauty shot. Yup, it's going in his portfolio.


He is SO beautiful! Wow! :)♥
kayellen said…
oh my goodness....soo darling!!

have a good week Elaine :))

Kay Ellen
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Elaine he is such a cutie... he looks like a statue in that first shot!!! funny little guy... I bet he is soooo happy that he found you!!

Have a lovely week xxx Julie
Percy is so handsome. He has the whitest fur I think I ever saw.
Donna said…
Percy is too cute for words! That new (vintage) sofa of yours just lends itself to elegant photoshoots!!

Okay, you either have a much better camera than I do or Percy sits still longer than our Baby does because most of the photos I try to take of her are blurry streaks! Hey, maybe I should go ahead and do a post on that! How are Molly and Oscar adapting to having Percy around? I'm afriad our Tiger is still hissing like crazy and not one bit happy about Baby. It's been a couple of months now and I honestly thought she would have accepted Baby's presence by now... Donna
Robin Larkspur said…
Percy is a beautiful boy, and so photogenic. Thanks for sharing his photos. How funny he washes his toy mouse!
He looks almost fake, he's so perfect! Adorable pics!

I'll def be back for your fall photos. I actually discovered your blog via I Heart New England's post featuring you! I adored it. I would love to actually see a real fall. We don't get changing coloers in LA :(
Beautiful Percy
Benny & Lily
Pamela said…
Great photos of a beautiful cat!!
I love the first pose!!

I love your home it is gorgerous in the header photo!!
The Curious Cat said…
oh so photogenic! Some cats can't keep still! :) xxx
Percy is a beautiful animal & he looks like he loves the camera! I love my pet, they are such good company!
Janet said…
Percy is just so sweet!
Janet said…
Percy is just so sweet!
Sweet Sage said…
beyond precious!!
(lucky kitty :)

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