New Slippers

These are my new slippers. They're not ruby and they don't do anything magical. At least, they haven't yet. But I think they are adorable.

Percy likes them too.

Another view of my way cool slippers.


They are beautiful, Elaine and I love the velvet!! Very lush!!

French-Kissed said…
I think your feet will be very happy in these! They are adorable.

You really need them, its been cold this weekend. Lovely and elegant purchase.
Robin Larkspur said…
Comfy and beautiful slippers! How great! Happy Halloween to you!
I love it that you thought to post about your slippers! And very smart slippers they are too!

They definitely deserve a whole post to themselves!!

Janet said…
It's always nice if anything new in the house has the Cats' Seal of Approval - colourful and cosy!
Donna said…
Those are sooo pretty! I really should think about getting a new pair of slippers before the c-o-l-d weather arrives (and as you know, it is just around the corner - brrrrr!!)... Donna
Roberta said…
Pretty and practical! Can't beat that combo. Especially for these chilly New England mornings. Thanks for stopping by!

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