Greetings from Boston and a giveaway

On Thursday, my friend Lori Lee came down from New Hampshire to spend the day. We decided to go into Boston and have tea at the Boston Public Library. While waiting for tea at 2:00, we thought we would look around the library. We found a wonderful vintage postcard exhibit entitled Greetings from Boston. They had postcards from all eras and we learned quite a bit about the subject.

Wow, things have really changed.

We were glad we had to wait to have tea, otherwise, we would have missed the postcard exhibit.

So we went to the restaurant and we were turned away because they were holding a private function.

Of course, before we left the library I had to check out the courtyard. Naturally, it started to rain and my photo shoot was cut short.

I was happy to see that the witches hats were back. I saw them last year at the BPL and I was hoping to see them again.

Each one was different and all of them were ornate.

I love how they were suspended and they appeared to be floating.

This one was my favorite. I love the lace trim.

One had feathers on it.

We still wanted tea so we walked to the Four Seasons Hotel. And they weren't serving tea for 45 minutes. We waited.

The service was fabulous and the food quality was excellent but in my opinion the portions were quite small for the price.

Maybe I am just spoiled by my tea group. We have some great cooks in the group and there is always plenty of food.

We did have a great day and I am glad we went to Boston.

Now, about the giveaway. I haven't had a giveaway in a while and I hit 100 followers recently so it seems like a good time to share the wealth. So here's what the winner will receive. Two Bird toile mugs with lids and saucers and a sample of one of my favorite teas for this time of year, Harney and Sons Cranberry Autumn Blend.

I think this is the cutest mug and it comes in a set so yes the winner will receive two mugs. Tea drinkers or coffee drinkers are welcome to enter the giveaway.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will enter your name. I will draw a winner on October 31st at midnight. There is an added bonus for those of you who commented on any of my October posts. I made note of the number of comments for each post and you will get an extra entry for each of your comments. So if you commented on all of my October posts you have five extra entries. I like to reward my frequent followers.

Good luck and have a great weekend.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
Well.. I remember the witches hats from last year.. and love them just as much this time around.. How strange to say that.. last year!! Blogging has certainly become a mainstay in our lives!!!

Well.. your giveaway is fab!!! but you know I doubt food products would be allowed through our customs.. so I'll forgo my chance.. but love seeing your outings anyway so don't need a prize... You are sweet though to reward the FF's... Have a fabulous week ahead.. xxx Julie
Wonderful photos of the BPL. My friends and I had a visit in September. The witches hat in the courtyard give a nice touch of comic relief to the historical seriousness of the building.My fingers are crossed for your give away, even as I'm typing this.
Reminds me of my visit to the BPL in September. The witches hats are a great touch. You can't go wrong driving in to Boston. Love your give away, crossing my fingers even as I type this!! As always great photos
Salmagundi said…
Enjoyed your Boston Library tour. I recently picked up an old souvenir plate from the Boston Library, but have never been there. It looks like it is as beautiful as my plate. Great giveaway! Sally
Janet said…
Hi Laine: I just found you and am doing my traditional schlep through all your postings - always fun!
You show me a part of the US I just love - especially Maine! And your interests coincide with mine so I daresay I'll be back often. I love the lidded bird toile cups - hope I win!!
Janet in coastal Nova Scotia
Robin Larkspur said…
You certainly had to wait for your tea, but it did look pretty. I love the witchs' hats, what an idea it has given me for decorating!! Your giveaway is beautiful, I adore the teacups! How nice of you to select such a great gift. Like everyone else, I am keeping my fingers crossed to win!! Thanks for a beautiful blog.
Oh, I would so love to win those mugs... they're beautiful!

And I love those hanging witch hats; great idea!
~Kristen~ said…
I haven't been to the BPL in ages. It is one of those places I keep saying "I have to go again..." and you think I would living so close but then never get around to it. Oh day! :-)

Those mugs are just darling! What a fabulous giveaway!
The Curious Cat said…
Love the toile cups! And the floating hats - very festive like! Can't believe you are so close by - good to read your blog for tips on places to visit! :) xxx
It sounds like you had a wonderful day in spite of missing out on the tea at the least you got to take pictures of the witch's hats and I noticed your header picture first thing and was wondering... lol!!

Love the toile cups...I have little antique plates that look so similar. Hope you are having a marvelous fall. This is the time of year that I first started going to Boston...

Your pictures sure always make us want to be right there. Purrty
Benny & Lily
I'm new to your blog, and I love it! I love the BPL! I also enjoy tea - everyday! While I haven't been in the BPL in a while, it's still one of my favorite places in Boston. I also live in MA, on the NH line, if you'd like to "visit" me I love company and new Followers are so exciting! I enjoyed my visit today!
Rhonda said…
Great post yet again. Boston looks like a such a great city. My good friend is there now and ate pizza at Regina's. The restaurant was just on the tv show-Food Feud on food network. cheers. Rhonda
Wendy said…
What a lovely giveaway! Please count me in. I love reading your blog - it's one of the first I began reading, a year ago this month! Wendy
Janet said…
I was so eager to enter your giveaway that I overlooked telling you that I am having one too at and that my giveaway offers you a choice of a $50USD or a $25USD gift certificate to help yourself to some of my great vintage linens or other treasures! I hope you win!!
Janet in No9va Scotia
kayellen said…
Oh~~~~ I looove the Boston library!!
Adorable giveaway!! So cute!

Fun whimsy hats the Library displays for Halloween~~love it:))

Have a blessed rest of your week Elaine.

Kay Elen

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