A few small changes at the condo

I finally framed some of the artwork I bought over the past two years. I love this Steinlein print of the woman with the cats on her shoulder and dogs at her feet. I first saw this print at my vet's office and I knew it would be perfect in my home. I decided it would look best in the kitchen along with my other french inspired pieces.

I also added a little bling to the Paris wall.

My new black and white toile curtains were put up this Summer by my friend Don. I think they give the kitchen a French country look.

A watercolor of a boulangerie from Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfasts. Also in the kitchen.

And last but not least, a vintage label was drymounted, matted and framed. Don hung it over the kitchen sink for me. I love the burgundy mat and the beautiful colors on the label, which is circa 1910. That happens to be the year the house was built.

I am pleased with the changes and now the kitchen looks more like me and less like the previous condo owner.


Having things framed is so expensive but so worth it. Your art looks lovely .
Robin Larkspur said…
A applaud your new decor...so nice to put your own stamp on things. I love the framed vintage lable, beautiful!
Salmagundi said…
Every change is wonderful. Such great color! Sally
Emily Rena said…
Love it. Often times, it's the little touches that matter when making a house a home, or something like that, lol. Great changes.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
I love the Steinlein .. reminds me of the Toulouse Lautrec postcards.. I have a few I bought in Paris.. too many years ago... but this is lovely with the dogs and cats... xxx Julie
I love to see artwork in a kitchen! You did a lovely job. Gee, your curtain looks exactly like the one I have my eye on! And bling is always a nice touch! Lovely decorating!
Janet said…
I love black and white toile and have fantasies of it in a redone bathroom with beadboard wainscotting painted a deep charcoal. Ecru and charcoal towels on a heated towel rack perhaps?

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