Ready for Fall

It's finally Fall, the season I wait for all year long.

For me, Fall is a feast for the senses. The beauty of the trees with all their vibrant color as seen through my camera lens. The smell of baking apples, hot spiced cider and a turkey in the oven. The feeling of my cashmere sweaters and my fuzzy bathrobe. And the cooler temperatures and the cold against my face.

I love it all and I can't wait to experience it, as soon as this awful humidity leaves the area. Estimated time of departure? Two days. Just in time for the weekend!


Janet said…
Love the Wilson Farm wagon; we were there a couple of weeks ago and discovered their bakery...oh la la..the French Eclair was delicious and calorie laden. Did you ever get a Turkey Terrific sandwich at Nelios Gourmet Farm? The best turkey sandwiches outside your own kitchen!
~Kristen~ said…
Fall here in our little New England is truly magical, isn't it?!? Sooo excited the season is here, and will be sooo happy to say goodbye to the humidity!!! :-)

Saturday is the day of my favorite little craft fair at the barn at Brooksby Farm and the it is looking to be the perfect fall day for it!!! :-0
I love how you described the feeling of Fall! Beautiful pumpkin photos!~Hugs, Patti
Fall is my favorite season as well... it's just so alive! ♥

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