Live event painting

I mentioned back in April that my sister is a live event painter and most of her business involves weddings. She was hired by our friends Pauline and Scott to paint their reception.

Pauline and Scott happily posed with the finished product.

They had fun looking at each section of the artwork. Scott pointed out Heather, the maid of honor.

And Pauline enjoyed remembering the day.

Here's the section with the bride and groom and the cake.

And in closeup! If you would like more info on live event painting, contact me via email and I'll forward your inquiry to my sister.


That is such a great, unique business to have! So much more personal than a photograph! ♥
That's SO amazing. What a fantastic memory to have captured like that. Creativity obviously runs in your family!
~Kristen~ said…
That is SO cool!!! What a beautiful treasure to have!
Salmagundi said…
What an amazing talent!! To answer your comment several days ago --- yes the leaves are turning in Colorado already - especially the red oaks and the aspens. We have very cool nights, which I think starts them early. Enjoy the rest of your week. Sally
Avalovesart said…
Beautiful! I had a painter at my wedding too, it's so much fun to relive the moment of the wedding :)

Here's the artist I used:

I like your sisters style, kind of impressionistic.

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