In search of Vineyard Chic

Before I left for Martha's Vineyard I thought it might be fun to do a post on Vineyard chic. So as soon as I stepped off the ferry I started my search.

I couldn't exactly explain Vineyard chic but I would know it if I saw it. So here are some of the candidates.

The first photo was taken outside of Giordano's restaurant. We had just arrived on the Vineyard and we were starving. We had lobster rolls. I spied this woman outside the restaurant, a fellow shutterbug. I like the hat and the skirt and a crisp white tank is always in style on the Island.

A nice casual hairstyle, white shorts and black tee. Perfect! Casual but not sloppy.

Remember the little boy wth the cool hair in one of my prior posts? Well, this is his mom. Simple white cotton dress and straw hat. Lovely and practical for steamy summer days.

Here she is again. I just had to get a better look at the hat. She looked picture perfect sitting outside the Black Dog Tavern.

Here's a twist, winter hat with summer tank. Your ears just might get cold when the ocean breezes kick up.

So what's your opinion? Which one is the chicest?


Anonymous said… favorite is my own variety of Vineyard capris, white t-shirt, black and grey Baby Phat tennies, and a black and silver motorcycle helmet. Nothing like a couple of days tooling around the Vineyard on the back of a Harley!
Vineyard Chic - I love that! I will be keeping my eye out in town today for likely candidates too!
kayellen said…
Fun~~I love summer they all look great to me:)

Kay Ellen
The chicest for me? I'd have to go with the first and third lady... I love their look :)
Definitely the woman with the hat and white cotton dress! I love the dress, it's totally me. I can't really rock a hat but it looks great on her!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Oh yes the lady in the cotton dress and straw hat looks fab.. comfortable but stylish.. some ppl just 'have it'.. I'm sure that would look like a sad sack on me!!

I can see your new guy in your banner!! too sweet.. xxx Julie
Fete et Fleur said…
Hands down that gorgeous simple white dress and hat. I hope you had a wonderful time at the street fair!

Donna said…
I'm with the majority... the white cotton dress and the straw hat with the black ribbon going through it... Timeless and classic!... Donna

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