Vineyard Summer through my lens

When I go on vacation I always take the same kinds of photos. The ocean, boats, doorways, pretty houses. It gets kind of boring.

While we were on the Vineyard, my sister was looking for photos of what she calls doers. She wanted to photograph people doing things. These photos would serve as references for her live event painting business.

I thought this was a great idea. I almost never have people in my photographs and it might prove to interesting. So here are my photos of doers.

This child was just too cute. He was trying to fly a kite and I loved the joyful look on his face.

And this is the rest of the family. That's quite the camera that budding photographer has.

I took this shot of a woman and her dog in Oak Bluffs. This was one of a series of shots.

I thought the splash of pink made this photo more interesting.

Is he a doer? I don't know but he sure was cute.

This girl was very good at her job at a cupcake shop in Vineyard Haven.

Don't worry, these people were not crushed by that oncoming ship in the left of the photo.

Diners at the Black Dog Tavern.

We spied this grandfather and son from the window at the Black Dog Tavern. The child had amazing hair and they were having such fun I just had to take some photos.

The man was teaching the child how to skip stones on the water. It was fun to watch the interaction between the two.

I was searching for some sunset shots and took notice of these girls walking on the rocks.

One of them had cool sandals!

The girls were having a great time. Why not they were by the ocean on the Vineyard!

When I spied these dogs I just had to take the shot. The driver saw me and actually pulled out of traffic so I could take another one! Too funny!

I think this year's vacation shots are definitely more interesting than last year's. And I can thank my Sister for that. What a novel idea, having people in my photos!


I'm with you on taking the same old shots. Lately I'm trying to break out of the box too and shoot more people, but it's not always easy.

I think your pictures are very interesting. I'd guess that camera the little girl is holding belongs to mom? Love that little boys hair too!
Joan said…
I LOVE these photos. How cool to see things from a different perspective. I think I'll try this next time I'm on the Vineyard.
Really neat photos and a new perspective on taking vacation pictures {scenery can get old}.

I SO wish we had gone to Martha's Vineyard this summer. Having only been there once, we swore we would come back. I chose New Orleans instead because I thought we should try new places. Now your pictures have me excited to go again! The Black Dog Tavern is the same as I remember...I bought their cookbook. What town are you staying in? Oh, I'm green with envy!! ;-D

Sue said…
What great photo's...I recently got back from Edgartown where we spent a week on South Beach...Your pictures brought back memories...We had a photo shoot at the lighthouse and I'm looking forward to using one for our Christmas cards this year...My daughter is a photographer and she takes many many pictures of people doing things...I'm always amazed how she can take the shot without the people knowing she's taking it...It makes for interesting pictures and yours are great...Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for sharing your lovely pictures....Sue @ Rue Mouffetard...
I think these photos are so beautiful! I usually take standard people-less photographs too when I travel (I'm usually too self-conscious to take ones of strangers!), but after looking at these pictures I think it might be worth it to try! Will keep this in mind when I go back to Keene in a couple of months :) ♥
Donna said…
Oh, I just love all your photos! I'm the same way - unless they are family and friend shots, my pictures never seem to have people in them, at least not intentionally!

Well I absolutely LOVE the dog photo on your header and the one where he is resting his big old head on the railing! And the lady with the car full of dogs - haha - it looks like she is a canine taxi service! Great, great shots!! Now I can at least feel like I went to Martha's Vineyard this year!... Donna
French-Kissed said…
I am going to do everything I can to make it there next summer. You have done a fine job of convincing me! Your photos capture more than the visual aspects, I think you also captured the spirit of this wonderful destination.

Salmagundi said…
Great pictures! Love the idea of people in pictures. My son travels extensively, and I'm always telling him I want to see more people in his pictures. (But, as usual, he doesn't listen!!) Have a great week. Sally

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