Saturday Breakfast

Saturday breakfast at Aroma Cafe in Reading. Sometimes my sister joins me and sometimes friends but sometimes I even go there by myself. I love the place.
It's fun to chat with Lynda, my favorite server. She's quirky and fun and she adds a lot of personality to the place.

Yesterday, I had eggs benedict with spinach. Yum! It comes with lacy potatoes too.

This looks like a face or two eyes and a mustache. A very full mustache.


The hollandaise sauce was perfection. I really hate the kind that's too yellow or
too thick. This sauce wasn't too thin or watered down, it was just the right consistency.

I just had to smoosh one of the eggs and it made for a better photo too! It had the precise amount of runnyness. (Is that a word?)

Doesn't that look delicious? Nice and fluffy.

And on to my favorite potatoes.

Aroma Cafe, 607 Main Street, Reading, Massachusetts. Check it out if you're in the area.


Pamela said…
And i love your new header photo...and the other one was just as adorable!
That looks absolutely, out-of-this-world delicious!
That does look pretty darned good! I'm not sure about the super runny yokes as it gives me weird thoughts ... lol! But the rest of it looks delish!

Love Oscars photo too. Maybe one day I'll add one of my kitties to my header. You give me inspiration, Elaine!
Janet said…
Looks absolutely delicious, I love a good hollandaise and eggs with just the right amount of "runniness" too.

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