Mosaic Monday- Rockport, Massachusetts

I made these mosaics last year after a daytrip to Rockport. It's one of my favorite places to visit, especially in Summer. First, a stop for coffee at the Bean and Leaf Cafe before venturing out to see the sights.

Some photo opportunities presented themselves even in the cloudy weather.

A few hours later, the flowers perk up in the sunlight.

A wonderful place to visit, Rockport.

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Vee said…
Such a beautiful seaside town. Love the pics of the coffee shop and that sign about coffee is quite something!
Unknown said…
Such a lovely place to visit. I love New England wherever you go there is beauty. Your mosaics are gorgeous.
You just can't go wrong with Rockport. It's hard to take a bad picture.

I'm so glad I recognize all those places in your photos!
I'd love to visit Rockport one day; looks absolutely beautiful (and I know of some equally lovely B&B's in the area!) ♥
Beautiful place..
Benny & Lily
Chloe m said…
Lovely hydrangeas. I can't grow them but I truly admire those who can.
My name is Riet said…
What a lovely town and I love your pictures and mosaics
Gunsside said…
Lovely mosaic post, looks like a nice place ;)
at the cottage said…
Such a beautiful mosoaic and such a gorgeous blog

Thank you :)
Mary said…
Hello Elaine - many thanks for stopping by and your kind comment on my blog. I'm enjoying looking through your posts as New England is very dear to me. My husband is from New Hampshire and I lived there and in Mass. for several years prior to moving south. We were just back in early July - unfortunately running into that heatwave!

Great mosaics - Rockport brings back Summer memories to me too - and I love those kitties!

Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air
I enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight! I love New England. One of my brothers lives in Massachusetts and I've been to martha's Vineyard a few times.
LadyNoor said…
Beautiful places to visit indeed, and your mosaics are lovely. Thanks for visit! :)
Pondside said…
What lovely mosaics - Rockport looks very much like any of the little towns in my home province, Nova Scotia.

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