Illumination Night on Martha's Vineyard

Half the fun of attending the Grand Illumination on the Vineyard is to go to the campground in the afternoon and see the preparations. So much work goes into the decorating of each cottage.

If you only attend the nighttime event, you don't get to see the true colors of the cottages and the lanterns.

I love to see parasols added to the decoration of a cottage.

They vary in shape and design.

You know I had to photograph a cottage named Two Bad Cats.

I am sure I have a photo of this cottage from my last Illumination Night.

Wow, fans, lanterns, parasols, this took a lot of time.

This one had some very interesting lanterns. I love the ones with the tassels.

Pretty pastels on some of the cottages.

Lovely gardens too!

Some cottages had vibrant colors.

Poor puppy! He wanted to go out and play but he was safer on the porch.

The party has already started. Many cottage owners and guests enjoy food and drink on their porches.

Look at the lacy scrollwork, just beautiful!

A pretty combination of colors.

All ready for the festivities.

I need to look up Klonschnack.

I had just enough time to take a few shots in the dim light. Nighttime photography is not my forte.

Before the lights were illuminated there was a community singalong at the tabernacle. A musical journey through American History and lots of patriotic songs.

Ok, are you ready for some lanterns?

Some were made of silk and actually illuminated by real candles.

Some had very interesting shapes and fringe on the bottom.

Some were very old and some were not.

We missed seeing those in costume strolling the area but we caught them on their porch.

They added to the festivities.

Mesmerized by the beauty of the lanterns, I hardly noticed it had started to rain.
During the concert, we were standing under a tree and couldn't feel the raindrops.

We strolled around the main area near the tabernacle and then walked down the small streets of the campground.

I tried to take as many shots as possible of the beauty all around me. It was so magical.

But then the skies opened up and there was no denying it, we were getting soaked and the paper lanterns would not survive the downpour. Luckily, the bad weather held off just long enough to see most of Illumination Night.

And it was worth getting soaked to the skin!


French-Kissed said…
This was a beautiful and fascinating post...the colorful cottages and lanterns...I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to be there. This is going on my list for sure! Love your new header photo, too.

Joan said…
Stunning pictures. I love the one of the Tabernacle. And as for night time pics not being your forte... I disagree...the night time pics are gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing Illumination Night, I wasn't able to be there this year and really miss it.
Janet said…
That looks so magical. I have never been to the Vineyard, but will get there someday. The bucket list, you know!
Ooooh,you've changed your picture onyour title bar. I love that photo.
Oh!! You're so lucky to attend Illumination Night! I've always wanted to see it in person :) From the looks of your photos, I certainly missed out
This is just awesome..., love the parasols..., I didn't know they had this celebration.
Hello Chatelaine... fabulous!!! I have never been to Martha's Vineyard and would certainly love to visit so your photo tour was such a treat! Ohhh my goodness, aren't all of those homes/cottages simply gorgeous!!! What a fun festivity...I bet the homeowners love decorating with all of these pretties! It really is fabulous!!! Thank you so much for sharing "Illumination Night" with us, my friend!

I also wanted to stop by to thank you for coming and taking a peek at my Summer's Tea on the Veranda! I really enjoyed your visit and sweet note! Also, thank you so much for the birthday well wishes! I had a wonderful birthday!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design
Julie@beingRUBY said…
ooooh... I love all of this.. and there is that favourite pup again.. he is so darn cute!!! xxx Julie
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness! You did such an awesome job on capturing the quaintness and beauty of the cottages and lanterns. They are gorgeous!!! Just adds to my excitement for our trip to MV this year!! I may be checking in with you for more tips and hints for our trip. Thanks so much for directing me to your post. Lovely blog entries. We have several of the same likes. Will be following your blog. Be blessed♡♥♡

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