A Birthday and a long awaited vacation

We celebrated my Sister's birthday with cake from Cake. I ordered it on Wednesday for today's family party. This cake was listed as The Minuteman on Cake's.menu. This was perfect since my Sister belongs to the Lincoln Minutemen, a fife and drum corps.

The woman on the phone said custom cake orders needed to be placed two weeks in advance but she could do a simple birthday cake with some flowers and a message. Does this look simple to you? I was quite impressed.

Everyone enjoyed the cake and we also had my Sister's favorite tea, Harrod's No. 42. As you can see, Sheila was pleased.

Tomorrow I have to get ready for our mini vacation to Martha's Vineyard. I have some packing to do and I already coordinated schedules with the cat sitter. Just a few things left to do before we leave.

I am so looking forward to this vacation. Work has been super stressful and I often don't even know what day of the week it is. I am hoping for some R&R before I have to go back to work in a week.

Hope you all have a great week.


Salmagundi said…
I know you will have a great week. Enjoy! Sally
Happy Birthday to your sister! The cake looked beautiful!

Have fun on your trip! ♥

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