Sweet ending to the Cape Cod adventure

We're at the end of the Cape Cod posts. We ended our day in Orleans. Lori Lee had the Hot Chocolate Sparrow on her to do list so we decided to check it out. It's a coffee house/dessert place. My sister and I actually think the name is kind of creepy. To me, it conjures up images of the gulf spill pelicans only this time they're sparrows covered in chocolate. But anyway, the place itself was really cute and we didn't see one hot chocolate covered sparrow!

If we had needed a snack, we would have taken a seat and I would have tried the frozen hot chocolate. It was almost dinner time so Lori Lee bought some desserts for her cooler and we asked an employee to recommend a spot for dinner preferably on the water and specializing in seafood. She recommended the Orleans Inn.

A few right and left turns and we were pulling into the Inn's parking lot.

After spying the view, we decided to eat out on the covered deck. The weather was perfect for outdoor dining.

I opted for the clam roll and fries and ice coffee black of course!

Will you look at those fries? Just how I like them. Crispy on the outside
and soft on the inside. Such potatoey goodness!

This idyllic spot was beside the Inn. To the right, picnic tables were set up and we saw a young family enjoying their dinner there.

The hydrangeas were in full bloom and gorgeous!

Next door to the Inn was this windmill.

Lori Lee was fascinated. She loves windmills.

Aw, do we have to go home? None of us wanted to leave but it was getting late and we had a two hour drive ahead of us. Actually we're driving through Boston at this point.

Once I see the Zakim Bridge I know I'm home. A beautiful sight. And believe it or not, I actually knew the man this bridge was named for. His name was Leonard Zakim and he died too young. And that story is for another post.

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The Orleans Inn is gorgeous... did you see the Ghost Hunters episode where they conducted an investigation there?? Very creepy!

I enjoyed your Cape Cod posts so much! Thank you for sharing ♥
Michelle said…
Just catching up on all your posts! What a fun, fun trip! I love the pie shop...and oh the lavender..and oh the food. You always take the best trips. Glad you had a wonderful time. :) Oh and I knew you would understand the tomboy thing...you're a Gemini too! Lol!
Thanks for the lovely tour of Cape Cod....I would love to visit there one day!~Hugs, Patti
DEBBIE said…

~Kristen~ said…
I really do need to get to the Cape more often. But when I hav etime for day or weekend trips I always head north to NH or Maine since I love it so much! But I just love your photos. They help me to remember that there is so much more to the Cape than just touristy Hyannis!
~Kristen~ said…
Oh! I forgot to mention how much I love the Zakim Bridge! I always love driving over it, especially at night! Mr. Zakim was truly an extraordinary man!
50sgal said…
The chocolate sparrow, or 'the sparrow' as locals call it, is named after the woman who owns it margery Sparrow. She is a nice lady and I actully worked at the old sparrow (no longer there, they moved to the big location you saw) when we lived in Eastham (next town over). If you love windmills did you see the windmill in Eastham next to the old market? There is also the 'three sisters' light houses in Eastham new Coast Guard Beach. Not sure how far you went. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. It was funny to see the Bridge in Boston as well, as we lived in Back Bay in Boston (and will probably live in Boston again in a few years, but still on the Cape as well).
Fete et Fleur said…
I agree the name is a bit creepy. You had a lovely trip. Sigh . . .

Parisbreakfasts said…
Wonderful feeling of the Cape caught here...
Especially the clam roll...sigh

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