A Mystery Solved

Well the mystery has been solved. If you read the last post you know that something was amiss at the condo.

On Friday, I came home for lunch to surprise the kitties and I walked in on this.
Vivienne, my dress form, was sashaying down the hallway as if she were on Project Runaway. She sure was strutting her stuff.

And in my clothes!

Vivienne has been stealing clothes from my closet and she's been going for the good stuff

Like my opera coat. I love this and wear it only on the most special of occasions.

And my black velvet jacket! This is a holiday party staple!

And this one is the kicker! She wore my most favorite black velvet dress. I wore this to a Christmas party with a beaded black choker. You know the kind you would see on Nicole Kidman. I really felt pretty that night!

Here's a closeup of the faux fur trim. This is an off the shoulder dress with a fitted waistline and it's subtly sexy and elegant too! I bet she's stretched it out.
She's bigger than me in spots, if you get my drift.

And then the kitties told me that this is not the first time Vivienne raided my closet. They said she'd been wearing lots of my things. Like my white linen shirt from Land's End.

My grey cotton jersey I wear when I play tennis.

My lagoon blue hoodie from J Jill.

My Eddie Bauer cardigan with a cami underneath. She stretched that one out.

And this one ha, ha! She couldn't even button it! Oh duh, of course she couldn't!
She has no arms!

And throwing my black blazer over it doesn't help much.

She even got into my lingerie and she paired it with a fur wrap. Which by the way is hers. I bought it for her as a welcome present after I rescued her from the antique store that was going out of business. Some gratitude huh?

So after interviewing Vivienne's "accessories", the kitties, I gave some thought to
what I should do about the problem. In the meantime, Vivienne confessed. I didn't even have to twist her arm. Oops, that was not nice. Yup, she folded like the collapsible form that she is.

So I told her she's a lucky lady. I could have her cuffed, brought down to the police station and fingerprinted. Oops, I guess we can forget about the handcuffs and fingerprinting.

I told her they'd take a mug shot and it would not be in a flattering light.

Or from the best angle. She now understands the error of her ways. She can't just take clothes that don't belong to her. In the future, she will not steal my clothes and eventually she will buy a few outfits of her own. In her own style.

As for the kitties, they promised not to keep secrets from me again.

All is right in the household again.


Haha, loved this post :) I don't blame Vivienne though- you have such beautiful clothes!
Salmagundi said…
Too clever! And what a wonderful dress form you have living(?) at your house. Sally
DEBBIE said…
I think that this is the most funny post that I have ever read!
Correction! This is the most funny post!
And I don`t think I will read another one as funny!
Thanks for makig me LOL... A LOT!

Anonymous said…
It's always a challenge living with roommates, but at least Vivienne has excellent taste!
Joyti said…
LOL, I just love this post :) Its just perfect. I am actually 'smiling out loud' as I write this.
Your black dresses are just gorgeous too.
kayellen said…
Hi Elaine!

Cute post:)

Guess what? You won my contest!! yippee!!
Stop by and leave a comment and email me you address so I can mail out your goodies...

Kay Ellen
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
I love this.. very clever!!! and your black velvet dress is fabulous... love the black blazer too... and the fist outfit... Vivienne sure makes herself at home!!!

Actually the first shot does look a little spooky.. haha...

Sorry I've been missing.. internet is not working so well in new place... very annoying and as a result haven't been blogging much and just now trying to catch up.. hope you are well... Just looked back at the posts I missed and you've had some lovely day trips.. very jealous.. Have fun xxx Julie
Donna said…
Oh my gosh - that is hilarious! I love the mug shots! Wow, you have GREAT taste in clothes! Can't say I blame Vivienne, although it's never nice to borrow with asking first!!!... Donna
Pamela said…
What a hillarious post! You are so funny!
I love that Vivienne...i want one!
Your clothes are gorgerous!

I also have to add i love the photo of your header. Beautiful kitty!
Michelle said…
Oh my gosh this post was one of your best!! I love the mug shot of Vivienne, LOL! This made me laugh. Your clothes are fab darling...especially the blue ruffled sleeveless number that Vivienne couldn't button up because she had no arms. :)
Why don't I have clothes like that? I know, because I have no place to wear them!

Love the blue top with the ruffle around the neck. So pretty, as are the rest of the clothes Miss Vivienne is modeling!

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