Tonight in Newburyport

After work I got together with two co-worker friends for dinner. It was a beautiful night at Michael's Harborside Restaurant in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

We requested a waterside table. There is a deck off the restaurant and a rooftop bar but since it was a little cool we sat by the window. I had grilled shrimp and scallops with citrus garlic butter. My friends had the lazy man's lobster.

After dinner and dessert, we decided to stand out on the deck and look at the harbor. While were admiring the boats, we noticed a beautiful rainbow was forming. We were so lucky to be in the right spot at the right time.

I love this time of night. The light is magical.

Incredible shades in the sky as dusk approached.

The ducks had their own resting spot at the Do Duck Inn.

The weather was so perfect and the scene so gorgeous we did not want to leave. I wish I had brought my "good" camera but I only had my small older camera on me. I don't bring the larger camera to work. So, I will just have to return to Newburyport sometime this Summer.


kayellen said…
Ahhhh just takes your breath away!! Beautiful Elaine!!
I am going back to take a second look:)

Kay Ellen
What gorgeous photos! You were so lucky to catch the rainbow while you were there! Someday I would love to see that part of the country!~Patti
Janet said…
My favorite place to eat in Newburyport these days! We almost went on Sunday, but the weather was too iffy! I am thinking Fathers Day maybe!
Wow... the sky looks amazing! I'm sure you had a memorable dinner! ♥
Lisa said…
Stunning photos!
I'm sorry to be so far behind on your blog, Elaine. I just can't keep up lately.

What a great evening in Newburyport! How I love that town! The sky is gorgeous! I'm hoping to get back to the Purple Onion with my husband sometime soon.

I'll check out the restaurant you went to.
Roberta said…
Stunning photos of the rainbow and sounds like dinner was delish!
Donna said…
Okay, now I must go to Newburyport! You may not have had your good camera, but the one you had with you did a phenomenal job! The sky!! And the rainbow! And how cute is the Do Duck Inn??? Love it!! The only thing you forgot was a photo of the Shrimp and Scallops with Citrus Garlic butter! That sounds SO good!... Donna

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