Mad Tea Party

It's Time!!! Don't be late for this very important date!

Time for the Mad Hatter Tea Party hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. This is my first Mad Hatter Tea.

The Cheshire Cat will be there.

He's brought a date too. She is never late for a meal.

There will be boatloads of tea.

And some will be very showy!

We'll eat dessert first, an unbirthday cake.

More tea.

And sweet little sandwiches.

After tea, perhaps a game of croquet.

You can attend other parties by clicking here.


Unknown said…
What a delight post, I loved your Mad Tea party.

Sounds absolutely lovely! Wish I could come! ♥
Thank you for inviting me to your mad tea party and for the tea, but why am I so small?! Have a nice weekend! Twyla
LaLa said…
Lovely party, such great fun, come visit me when your party is done!
Lovely party, darling cats! Thank you for having us!
Melissa said…
Thanks for having me to your Mad Tea Party. It was delightful! Your kitties are beautiful :-)

Maggi said…
~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

Oh I just adore croquet! And the Cheshire with a date?! Wonderful! The tea sure hit the spot!

Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)
Great party! Thanks for inviting me.

Please visit our party when you finish your croquet game.
MARLOU B. said…
Lovely party!
Have a wonderful party day!!!
kayellen said…
I love it!! and coquet too???
What a fun day!!
annnd you know how I love your kitties too!!


Kay Ellen
Yay! I love the cat!

♥ Alice Maria-Thérèse Afiori in a Swedish wonderland <a href="" rel="></a> ♥
This is such a beautiful tea party! I do love the "blooming" tea and your rose pattern dishes are just lovely! Yummy tea sandwiches as well!

Wishing you a beautiful Tea Party Day!

Love your unbirthday cake! Thank thee for inviting me!
Michelle said…
I'm going to have to head over there. This is the second blog I've seen on this wonderful tea party!! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Elaine!
Kathryn Costa said…
Greets from a fellow New England blogger! Follow your heart and join me as we go to the Forest of Wishes. I have party gifts waiting for everyone!

{{soul hugs}}
Kathryn, Collage Diva
Bill said…
Such wonderful food! I especially love the sandwiches. I hope you'll forgive me. I grabbed two. I tend to be such a pig at these things. Thank you for the invite!

Such wonderful guests and the most beautiful teas!! I must move on to the next party!
Lauren said…
Such a lovely tea party! I love that cake! :) Happy Tea Party Day :) ~Lauren
I loved this... and that cake! WOW! Your Cheshire Cat and his lady fair are so cute. I love that she's never late because she never misses a meal! LOL! And your costume is perfection. I hope you will allow me to return your kind hospitality...

Happy Tea Partying...


Sheila :-)
JoAnne said…
Great tea party and love your kitty!
fawndear said…
No Mad Tea party is complete without crochet. So delightful to stop by and visit with your and your Cheshire Cat.

Thanks for sharing your Muchness!

Anonymous said…
Mmmm....tea party and sandwiches, how divine. Thanks for letting me share in your special tea party! If you haven't already feel free to drop by my gathering.
~ Misha/DawaiOser <3
Whisperings 13 said…
a lovely tea time!
thanks so much for inviting me!

have a madly spectacular day!
Delightful fun! Thank you for your invitation! If you have not made your way already, I do hope that you shall come and visit with me, as you join the White Queen and Mad Hatter for some cake ~ and tea
...Theresa (aka The White Queen)
Deborah said…
Love the crochet shot! Fabulous.

**blows kisses** Deb
Kandes Naylor said…
Fun party! Come by and see me for a cup of tea. I am having a giveaway you won't want to miss!
Scrap Vamp said…
Lovely game of croquet! Thank you for the tea and yummy unbirthday cake!
Brook said…
Thank you for inviting Sam and I to your tea. We loved all the hats!
Kristal said…
What a delightful time I had at your tea! Thank you so much for inviting me...I really loved playing croquet!

harem6 said…
Thank you for having us! We had such a great time here! You are welcome to join our party!
Marit said…
I was terribly late for your party. Sorry, sorry..... but I'm here now! Thanks for waiting, I wouldn't wanna miss YOUR tea party!!! I love the photo with all the hats!!! If you care for some more tea, you're very welcome at my place!
Loretta said…
What a VERY lovely tea indeed! I wish I could really come and share it. Please come and visit my party, if you haven't already. I'm so confused with all the names, but isn't this such fun? Charles Dodgson would approve, I'm sure, if he could be here too!
BunnyKissd said…
OH what fun I've had here! Do stop over to my tea party as well, if you have a moment; the fairies & I will be waiting... ^-^
Anonymous said…
What a lovely party! Hope you all had a divine time!
Fete et Fleur said…
Happy Birthday to you!

Your checkered cake is delightful.

French-Kissed said…
Absolutely delightful! It was well worth falling down the rabbit hole for.

Victoria Sayer said…
Thanks ever so much for sharing your Tea Party with me. I so enjoyed the delicious fancy sandwiches and tea from your fine china. Oscar, the Cheshire Cat, also had ME at hello. What a wonderful smile! Anyway, if you get the chance, please do come and visit me for some more Mad Tea, in the Secret Enchanted Forest at:
Carolee said…
What a wonderful party, and your cats are just adorable!!

~ Carolee
Kathy said…
Very, very sweet. Loved that flower tea. I've got to get me some of that! - Kathy
Alisa Noble said…
What a fun time! I do love a good game of croquet!
Shell said…
A delightful party. I love you playing Croquet. Your Cheshire cat and friend are adorable.
Carousel Dreams said…
I'm late, I'm late, I'm sorry, phew! I'm here now, so I shall have my tea white with one, thankyou x
I'm sorry I'm late! My MIL's memorial was on the date of the party, so I'm now just getting my wits together to visit all the festivities!

Thank you for a hosting a beautiful party! Everything is so magical!

~ Michelle
Your kitties are just too adorable! Thank you for having me over for tea, everything looked delicious.

Hope you can visit me for some magical tea!
TesoriTrovati said…
Such a charming party! I love the croquet.
I am having a Mad, Mad giveaway on my blog Do stop by for a visit!
Enjoy the day!

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