Vacation Plans

My room is waiting for me.

The reservation has been made and paid. The cat sitter is booked.

I'll be sipping lemonade on this porch in no time!

You guessed it, I'm going back to Martha's Vineyard!

I hope to visit the Gossip Girls, well that's what I call them. Actually they're alpacas, aren't they adorable?

My sister hasn't been to the Vineyard in seven years so she's coming with me. We'll see the gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs.

Look at the architectural detail.

There are rows and rows of cottages.

The best night is Illumination Night. All the cottages are decorated with lanterns and parasols and lights. What a sight to see them all illuminated.

This cottage is close to the Inn where we're staying.

I hope to see the sea captain's homes in Edgartown.

Tea and finger sandwiches (no pun intended), yes, of course. You just have to make time for afternoon tea.

A visit to Carly Simon's store? Absolutely. Midnight Farm in Vineyard Haven is on the list of things to see.

I hope she's working at the store when we're visiting it.

We'll take in all the rustic beauty of the island like the cliffs at Aquinnah.

Yes, we'll definitely stop to smell the Rosa Ragusa or beach roses.

August can't come soon enough!!


Oh, how exciting! Martha's Vineyard is the first place in New England I fell in love with :) I'm planning on traveling there next summer... I hope you have lots of fun!! ♥
Sahildeki Ev said…
Such a charming place. I cant wait to see more of your photos. Have a great time...
mom is awfully jealous. What a great place
Benny & Lily
French-Kissed said…
Have a fabulous time on your visit to the Vineyard. I have never been, but it looks wonderful and it's going on my list. Enjoy!

Oh Elaine, lucky, LUCKY you! I hope you and your sister have fabulous weather during your stay. How I long to go back to the vineyard! One day my husband and I will get there. One day!

Btw, you'll have to tell us the name of the place you stayed. It looks divine.

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