Second Time Around Antiques, Melrose

We are sad today. We just found out that Second Time Around Antiques is closing it's doors.

This is one of the coolest shops in Melrose with one of the coolest owners and next week the store will close for good. Jami is tired of running a shop. She's not sure what she will do but she will let me know.

It seems wrong to benefit from another's misfortune, doesn't it? Actually I shouldn't use the word misfortune. Jami is just moving on. Anyway, she can rest assured her treasures have found a good home. Especially this dress form. I've been on the lookout for a while and finally found one I liked at the right price.

So meet Vivienne. She already looks at home in my bedroom, doesn't she? She's a curvy girl and I can't wait to accessorize her in something stylish.

I wanted a dress form with a cage and wheels. Vivienne has both.

She is almost rubenesque.

Jami pointed out that the emblem was in pristine condition.

I picked up a few more things too. A vintage suitcase. One in houndstooth to add to my collection.

Another view.

The interior of the suitcase and silver spoons. At our next tea, we are having a spoon swap. Hopefully, I can part with one of these.

A pretty violet plate. This will go with some of my violet patterned teacups.

I just had to have this one.

A very delicate pin from France. Perhaps it will become a scarf clip on Vivienne.

Another look inside the suitcase seconds before Molly jumped in and claimed it as her new cat bed.

I will miss driving by Jami's shop every morning. On my way to work, while stopped at the traffic light, I would look to see if she had changed her window display. I think she changed it weekly. And it was always fun and interesting.

So good luck Jami, we will miss you!


Fete et Fleur said…
What beautiful treasures. It makes me so sad when lovely stores like this close down. Especially, when they become my favorite haunts. I think between the economy and online shopping, dealers are hard pressed to keep their shops open these days.

May your friend find what makes her heart sing.

Donna said…
It's so hard to lose a favorite shop. I can see why it was your favorite - what wonderful goodies you got! I absolutely love your dress form - but my favorite is your new banner - Molly in the suitcase - priceless!!!!... Donna
What great finds... I love the picture of your kitty in the suitcase! ♥
Julie@beingRUBY said…
OH,. it is sad the shop is closing.. but yes,. pretty great you are getting the bargains!! Molly has good taste in suitcases.. hope she is getting used to her new friend Vivienne!!!

Molly looks a treat up there in the banner.. xx Julie
The antiques store may be closing but Molly remains totally unaffected. She knows a good thing when she see's it. Judging by your purchases, so do you!
When I closed my shop and went online it opened new doors. I'm sure this will be a great new venture for her. Still, it's the shops that make a neighborhood great so it's bittersweet but I can completely understand her not wanting to sit in a shop all day!

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