Nothing Makes a House Cozier Than Cats

"Nothing makes a house cozier than cats", this quote by Gladys Taber is so true. Well for me anyway. I love coming home to my two furbabies. They greet me at the door when I come home.

Molly will be purring so loudly I can hear her the minute I open the door before I even see her. Oscar will hang back a little. He's more cautious, probably from being a street kitty in his former life.

I'm home for the weekend, no big plans to take me away from home for any length of time. So we'll probably hang out on the sofa at some point. As you can see from the first photo, Oscar has already claimed his cushion.

Hoping you all have some cozy time this weekend.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Happy Mother's Day Elaine
Well mum to your kitties!!! Love these guys.. and I can see they love your beautiful sofa too!!! xx Julie
This is incredibly true!! I can't imagine living in a house without cats... must be terrible! ♥
kay ellen said…
Adorable!! Tell the kitty's you need a spa day for Mother's Day!!

Susan said…
Thanks for stopping by! Susan & les Gang
Hey there kitty kats...hate to admit you guys are awfully cute
Benny & Lily
French-Kissed said…
Your cozy cats are adorable! Have a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful Mother's Day with your Mom...I know she must be looking forward to your visit.

Sweet Sage said…
I think I LoVe that sofa as much as those furbabies do! So sweet.
(Mine are always waiting to greet me, too :) xo kim

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