Mosaic Monday- A Day in Boston

I am participating in Mosaic Monday. Last Fall, I spent three lovely days in Boston and so I decided to use my photos from those daytrips for my mosaic.

I really love Autumn in New England. So enjoy your virtual trip to Boston as seen through my camera lens. You may click the image to enlarge.

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Carol said…
Boston is such a great place, and you can't beat it in the fall! Enjoyed your mosaic!
Beautiful pictures, I enjoyed the tour through your camera lens. Thank you:)
BernieH said…
Great photos of Boston ... I just had to enlarge it and really look at each and every shot. Beautiful!
The 3 Sisters said…
I would love to visit Boston one day. It looks so pretty and historical.

Thanks for this virtual tour!

Best wishes,
Suzy said…
Thanks for the whirlwhind tour!
deb said…
OMG Such beautiful sites!
My name is Riet said…
What a beautiful city Boston is. I love all the photo's in your lovely mosaic.
Have a nice day
luna said…
What beautiful mosaic and town!
Happy MM..Luna
It's fun to see those autumn shade in the midst of all the spring blossoms! Thanks for taking us along!

I loved the windowboxes. They were gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Valerie
Daniela said…
Great mosaic. I´ve been to Boston once when we traveled the east coast, and we just loved it. It felt verry european ( which i´m from) :)
Boston is a beautiful city (especially in autumn)!♥
Sheila said…
The streets of Boston are very appealing. I'll be sure to visit here again. Armchair travel is so interesting.
Beautiful Mosaic! We visited Boston back in late August 2002 ~ my husband, myself, youngest daughter and oldest grandson. It was only a few days but one of our favorite vacations!

So nice stopping by to visit with you!

Kindly, ldh
Mary said…
Absolutely one of my favorite cities -- LOVE all the beautiful architecture and the history! Thanks for sharing your wonderful images at MM. :)
What wonderful pictures!!! Must have been grand to walk the streets of Boston! Cathy

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