Memorial Day Weekend- a flea market, a birthday and Scott Brown

I hope you all had a nice long weekend. Did you visit a cemetery or go to a memorial service? Attend a parade or gather with family and friends?

My weekend was full. Saturday I did errands but the rest of the weekend was busy with activities. Oscar of course, relaxed this weekend.

As did Molly, no stress in my household.

On Sunday I went to a flea market in Rowley. I had never been to Todd Farm so when my friend Kim said she was going I said me too! I really like these chairs but I just bought a sofa and chair so no room for any more furniture.

This is lovely.

I love the color of these chippy paint chairs.

I would have loved to buy a steamer trunk like this but I didn't.

I am told these dogs are here often. Watching over the field of vendors from their rooftop perch.

Do you remember Pez candy? Well this vendor had a large selection of Pez dispensers.

Do you remember Charlie from my post about Art & Tiques in Exeter? Well, Charlie and Linda were checking out the goods at Todd Farm too.

After the flea market, I went to my "Italian Mother's" 80th birthday party. Clara isn't my mother but she always calls my sister and I her Irish daughters and she is like a second mother to me. She already has 8 of her own real kids.

A few short months ago, Clara became a great grandmother but the parents live in Wisconsin. As a surprise, Sarah, her husband Jeff, and baby Emma showed up at the party. What a wonderful surprise! Clara was beaming.

And baby Emma stole everyone's hearts from the moment they met her.

Now, for the cake. Well let's just say when I walked by the dining room I thought there was a large stuffed elephant on the table. But that was the birthday cake!

Clara collects elephants so it was only fitting to have an elephant birthday cake for her. Wow, was this cake well done. Food Network, here we come!!!

Clara was like a kid in a candy shop. Look at her excitement.

She posed for photos with her kids. Here's one daughter.

And she posed with the grandchildren. Four generations under one roof and about 65 of her closest family and friends. And the weather cooperated. Who could ask for more?

On Memorial Day, there was a dedication at Buckley Park in Stoneham. And US Senator Scott Brown was a part of the ceremony.

A lovely memorial to one of Stoneham's citizens. Mr. Buckley worked for the CIA and was taken hostage in Beirut in 1984. He died while in captivity.

I wanted to get that prize winning photo of Senator Brown. I lined up my shot. All of a sudden he yells, "Hon" or was it honey? I'm not sure. But he was calling to his wife, Gail Huff, a Boston newswoman.

My next prize winning shot attempt was of him holding up a water bottle and asking her if the dogs needed water.

And so the water bottle was passed down to Gail Huff and her two dogs.

Scott Brown and his wife are animal lovers. I like that.

Stoneham Town Hall was all decked out with the red, white and blue.

That is quite possibly the biggest flag I have ever seen.


You definitely seemed to have a great weekend!
Wishing Clara a wonderful birthday! ♥
kay ellen said…
Wonderful Elaine~~you had a memorable weekend too~~
I am still tired from ours!!

Happy Birthday to Clara!! Wow is right!! That cake is amazing!!

I like your paparazzi shots:)

French-Kissed said…
Wow, what a busy weekend and every bit of it looked like such fun. Happy Birthday to Clara...the cake was so amazing I don't think I could have cut it.

Donna said…
Wow, you did a lot this weekend! That's funny about the prize winning Scott Brown pix.

Happy birthday, Clara! What a phenomenal cake!

It looks like you hit a good flea market! Those chairs are very cool. I also have no room in my little house for any more furniture.

Have a wonderful time on Martha's Vineyard!

Jan's camera said…
Great photos of Scott Brown and Town Hall. I wish I knew about these events in advance. Thanks for sharing.

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