Me and my blog

So this photo says it all. This is me and my blog. This is what my blog is about. Me, my cats, my photography, and my condo.

It's the second anniversary of my blog. Actually my blogaversary was May 17th. After two years, I feel comfortable enough with all of you to post a picture of myself in my bathrobe with bedhead. Enjoy the photo, as you know I rarely post photos of myself. I like to keep an air of mystery about myself. I do, however, feel comfortable expressing my opinions and well, saying anything that pops into my head. My blog is my online diary.

I've decided that in my second anniversary post I would like to share my feelings and opinions about my blogging experience.

Shortly after I started blogging, I signed up for a blogher conference. I went to the geek lab and learned a lot about the technical side of blogging. It was a big help. Some of the speakers were interesting too. I have to say I found it appalling that some of the women in attendance had brought their babies. To me, a conference is a business event not daycare and I did not appreciate the distraction. At the beginning of the conference, we did sort of a 30 second networking thing. We formed two lines, one woman across from the other and every 30 seconds you moved to the right so you met a new person. Lucky me started with the woman with a baby on her hip, so first I met her, 30 seconds later, I spoke with her baby, as I moved down the line I met her baby carriage handle, and 30 seconds later the front of the carriage. I was not amused. That was a total waste of time!

In two years, some things about my blog have not changed. I still don't sell anything on my blog and I don't have any business ads. Unfortunately, I have almost the same number of comments as I did on my very first post. I fear my writing has not improved either. But I guess all that matters is that I get my point across. I like to use a casual writing style.

The number of blogs I read has changed. I spend a lot of time reading other blogs and commenting when something moves me. I can't tell you the number of times I've said the words, "I got the idea from a blog I read". Whether it's a home decor idea or a new place to shop, most of the time it came from another blog.

I am amazed at the talent in blogland. The writing and photography on some blogs, well, it's magical. Sometimes, you just have to keep reading a blog. I can get so wrapped up in stranger's lives. Some bloggers post about the drama in their lives. I guess it goes back to that comfort level I mentioned earlier in this post. When you post, don't you feel like you are having a conversation with friends? I know I do.

How do you feel about swaps? I learned a new word from swapping. It's flaked. I no longer participate in swaps. I had one great experience through a swap, the swap partner was great. She posted about her excitement at receiving my swap (which was my first swap) and someone commented that I "overdid" the swap. That kind of took the wind out of my sails but I signed up for another swap. This time I got paired with a woman from Holland. It was quite expensive to ship my package but I thought oh well, I will receive some really cool stuff from Holland. I waited and waited yet no package. First she said she had the flu, then she said her cat ran away, then she said she sent it but it must have got lost. She said she would send a second package, then I never heard from her again. And the worst part is she never mentioned my swap until I emailed her to see if she received it. She never even thanked me. So no more swaps for me.

Sorry about some of the negative statements in this post but I am doing a retrospect on my entire blogging experience.

Overall, I have learned a lot about blogging in the last two years and I've made some very nice blogging friends. I am friends with bloggers in Australia, the Phillipines, Turkey, Canada, and all over the US. You all lead such interesting lives. You keep me coming back for more. I want to know more. And I hope you want to know more about me too...


I'm very new at traditional blogging; I had a Livejournal for years, but always considered that more of a diary or a stream of consciousness, as opposed to the formulated and stylized writing my blog here has.

I really love your blog, and enjoy reading all of your posts! I actually prefer more casual blogging over those blogs with 1,000 followers; smaller blogs are so much more intimate.

kay ellen said…
Hi Elaine!
Congrats to you! I think we started around the same time~~funny how time flys~~wow!

Talking about tech stuff, I just figured this past week how to add a "google" follow me on my blog~~Why was that so hard for me?

I am so attached to all of you sweet flickr ladies!! I have to check in and see how things are going~~after 2 are extended family!

Have a great week!!I over did it today..tried to do to much! 800 mg Motrin is my friend:)

Had a little cuddle time with Napolean and Gracie...headed up stairs to watch a chick flick!

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Dear Elaine
Happy Happy Blog Birthday..... you know you were one of the first blogs I found and one of the first to follow me. I'd one for would like to thank you for all the fabulous posts you bring us of your day trips around your corner of the world.. I've never been to New England but know I would love to one day and that is in part from seeing all your fabulous photos and reading about your adventures.

Now I love this photo of you and Molly watching you in the mirror.... very real.. just what I love about your blog.. how real it is... and the stories you tell us about life, travels and family.. and of course your little kitty kats..

I can't believe that woman never sent the swap parcel.. people can be very strange.. and fickle!!.. and for someone to say you overdid it.. hahaha Gee please.. let me be the recipient of overdoing!!!

.. I guess people will be the same blogging as they are in real life.. just a more exaggerated example of themselves... good or bad.... kind or rude...

Happy Happy Blog Birthday Elaine.. I'm glad we have you to brighten our day and keep it real!!! xxx Julie
Fete et Fleur said…
Happy Blog Birthday! I've been in a quandary lately about my blog and where it's going. I'm just not sure right now.


PS you don't have bedhead. Your hair looks great!
Parisbreakfasts said…
I really like this post
Taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom. Another Ha moment!
The shower curtain is my friend in my avatar after 1000 tries.
Hell in the bathroom!
I've never done a 'swap' in 4 yrs of blogging and I won't start now after this.
I do sell stuff on my blog.
A girl needs to put macarons on the table...
I gotta say I LOVE blogging-it's changed my life all for the better.
Someone wrote yesterday,"What a sad thing to say."
How would he know?
He doesn't blog. He just moans about others' blogging
bla bla bla
thanks for stopping by Chatelaine!
Salmagundi said…
I always enjoy your posts! For me, the best blogs are those that journal their everyday lives. Keep it coming! Sally
Donna said…
I love reading your blog. I love your writing style. I love the information you share about daytrips and the incredible photos you post. I love your condo. I love your decorating style. I love your kitties :) I sympathize with your swap experiences - been there, done that, won't do it again. And last, but not least, I covet your hair. Would that my hair looked that good on any given day (sigh)... Donna

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