It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

You may remember I snapped photos of my neighborhood last Winter. It was January to be exact. At that time, we had quite a bit of snow and it was cold on the day of my walk. Well, what a difference four months make!

My favorite house in the neighborhood looks even prettier in Spring.

I am always looking to see what plants and decorative items the homeowner has placed on her steps.

Yes, we do have houses with the picket fences in front in my neighborhood.

And then I happened upon Linda's garden. Linda and her husband have a garden business and he was out front as usual working in the yard. I asked to take a few shots of the front yard garden.

He told me Linda was in the garden out back and I should go see her and the gardens back there. I am so glad I did. Linda was preparing for a visit from the Iris Society. Is that like the Iris police? Anyway, these beauties were just one of many varieties of Iris.

Linda proudly stated that she has the largest variety of bearded Irises in New England right in her yard.

So many colors and so many varieties. They all had to be labelled and they had cool names like Celebration Song and Moonlit Water.

There were several gardens throughout the yard. This garden had shells and pearls on display.

More snippets from Linda's garden.

I like a wild garden, don't you?

The porch on the back of the house was so gorgeous! Linda designed it. If you look close through the gingerbread work you can see Linda's husband Rocco on the right of the photo.

More pretties from the front of the house. Yes, it has purple accents.

And more from the front garden.

I love bleeding heart.

More of the purple. Beautifully eccentric.

Gosh, I almost forgot I was supposed to be walking around the neighborhood and not just hanging out with Linda and Rocco. Here's another house with cool colors.

And old glory always makes a house look prettier.

As you can see the houses are quite old in my neighborhood. That's one of the things that attracted me to this part of town.

The last porch of the day. The homeowner was painting the railing so I asked to snap a photo and he said sure!

And look who was anxious for my return home. My sweet boy Oscar!


What a gorgeous neighborhood you live in! I love the first house! ♥
Parisbreakfasts said…
A perfect snippet, well much more than that...a lovely portrait of New England Spring..
I love the white home with the gingerbread! Such a pretty day too! I love to look at houses around my home too. Some of them are so cute! I need to do a post on the really unique ones! Have a great day!~Patti
kay ellen said…
Beautiful post~~I love all the blooms too!

Your Blog header is adorable!!

Have a good week Elaine:)

Kay Ellen
Donna said…
Wow, you live in a BEAUTIFUL neighborhood! There is nothing like older homes for character and charm... Love that little face looking out the window! ... Donna
Fete et Fleur said…
I have a similar walk near my neighborhood. The homes on my favorite street to walk on are fairy tale homes.

Lovely photos!


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