Gryphon Studio, Melrose

This weekend, I went shopping in Melrose. I checked out a new store called Gryphon Studio. Saturday was the first day of business and the sun was shining on the shop. The owner could not have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect and the downtown area was full of shoppers.

I really like what they've done with the outside of the building. Before the renovation, it was very shabby and not in a chic sort of way.

I've been watching the transformation of the building and eagerly anticipating the shop's opening.

Now, this store adds a touch of elegance to Essex Street.

Kim, the owner, had her family helping her on opening day.

Kim's husband, Mark, told me he bought this fountain from another store in Melrose that had gone out of business. He said it weighed a ton. It sure is a cool display for the tote bags. I think one can never have enough tote bags, I use them for everything.

Wish I had seen this mantel on Ebay before Mark did. I do have to admit it looks nice in the shop.

I couldn't decide if this was the tote bag I should purchase. I liked all of them.

This mirror was also nice.

Wonderful candles with interesting scents for sale.

I met Kim and Mark at Anthropologie one day and Kim said she loved the style of Anthro. I do too, so when I found out she was opening her own shop I knew I would love it.

Another cool display. I love the dog (even though I am more of a cat person).

So which tote bag did I purchase? Take a guess.

If you are in the Melrose area, check out Gryphon Studio on Essex St. Tell them Elaine sent you.


Anonymous said…
They're all pretty but I'm guessing you picked the peacock.
live eventress
All very nice finds in this shop.

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