Favorite Clothes

Do you have a favorite jacket, sweater or dress? Well, this is my favorite jacket.
It isn't necessarily my most flattering article of clothing. In fact, to be honest, it's getting a little tight in the hip area. Well, of course it is, after all it is a men's suit jacket all gussied up to look girly and pretty.

I like the hankie in the pocket. It adds a splash of color.

I love the material on this lapel. I think I would like a purse made of this fabric.

The boring men's suit buttons were replaced with these pretty pearlized ones.

A doily on one pocket. Too cute!!

I think one of the reasons this jacket is my favorite is because I bought it in Ogunquit, Maine at my favorite shop, The Blue Willow. Also, it is one of a kind and a real conversation piece. I bought it at least ten years ago. I think it was the 90's. I also think my mom and sister were with me the day I bought it. I have fond memories of shopping and lunches with my mom.

So this jacket brings me to my happy place every time I wear it. How about you? Have you got a favorite?


I used to have a jacket similar in cut to this one {which I love...the pretty fabric pieces really feminize it}, but it was made out of fabric that you might see used to upholster a couch or chair...heavy, but a pretty floral. It was always in style because it eluded conventional style. I don't know why I gave it up...maybe because it was 30 years old!

I love that jacket- it's so beautiful and unique!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
Well I think it was in the 90's when men's suit jackets were really popular for women.. I think Madona started that one... and of course I loved them!!! don't know what ever happened to the ones I had... All my favourite clothes don't fit anymore.. very sad.. haha.. i had some designer Lisa Ho dresses just sitting going to waste and I finally gave them away to friends... Don't you love how special articles can bring back such wonderful memories.. xx Julie
We like our hoodies best
Benny & Lily
It's very cute! Like you said one of a kind and unique!~Patti
Michelle said…
What a fun jacket!! I love it...I love all the different materials that make it look so feminine. Especially the adorable floral hankie. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Hugs nad kisses from me and the kit kats.

P.S. LOVE your header!!
Anonymous said…
I love your blog and photos of MV! I want to paint my door pink! I am out in Hull,Mass.I had several boyfriend jackets in 80's the shoulder pads were like lady gagas now that I look back...

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