Two Sisters Antiques and Collectibles

I worked on Saturday afternoon and since I was in the area of West Medford, I decided to stop by Two Sister Antiques and Collectibles at 473 High St. I had been to the store years ago and I decided it was time to go back.

I spent at least an hour chatting with one of the sisters. Theresa used to be a banker and she's obviously passionate about antiques so we had a lot in common. She opened her shop 9 years ago and she and her sister have built an award winning business.

This chandelier would look wonderful in my bedroom. The white chandelier against the blue walls and white mouldings in my bedroom would be stunning.

I am always drawn to whimsical pieces like this little guy.

What have we here in this cabinet?

Some lovely pieces.

I asked if I could take photos and write about her shop in my blog. She said only if I said something nice. Well, I told her I don't trash anyone except for the estate sale guy and of course, Sears. Plus what could I possibly say that is negative?

Theresa wanted me to take a photo of this desk. It was very nice.

She had interesting pieces.

Wish I had a spot for this settee.

And this chandelier was gorgeous.

Vintage dresses and a dress forms.

Too bad I don't have a piano to put under this victorian piano lamp.

Are you wondering what I bought? You know I bought something. Well, I purchased a teapot (surprise, surprise) and matching teacup, and creamer. I didn't have time to take a photo of it before this post. You will see it on my table very soon.

And if you find yourself in West Medford, Massachusetts, please stop by Two Sister Antiques and Collectibles. Tell them Elaine sent you amd maybe I'll get another banker's discount.

UPDATE: I received an email from Theresa, one of the shop owners.
She is offering my followers a 10% discount on anything in the shop. Just mention Elaine and the blog. Happy Shopping! And by the way, they will be closed the week of May 2nd for vacation.


Yes, that's a place I could LOVE! Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it a lot. xo Lidy
Beautiful things! Love the vintage dresses!
I love an antique store with lots of chandeliers! Since I don't live close, I appreciate you taking me along for your visit!~Patti
Salmagundi said…
I love that type of antique store to peruse - no junk there!!! I also am in love with that settee. Sally
Michelle said…
Oh what a lovely antique store! I guessed you would buy a teapot. You are THE perfect tea hostess after all. :) I went to a lovely antique marketplace with my mom while she was here and I'll post pictures soon! :)

Hope all is well with you and kitties. :)

Donna said…
Oooh, that looks like a shop I would enjoy spending some time in! I'll definitely keep it in mind if I'm ever in that area!

I think mandarin oranges would be just as good as the orange sections in the onion/orange salad! Let me know if you make it with them, and how it turned out!

kay ellen said…
Nice place to spend the day antique shopping:)

Have a blessed weekend..Happy May Day!!

Kay Ellen
Unknown said…
Excellent advice! you don't know how many marketers need to have these traits ingrained into them. Kudos! The Dream

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