Live Event Painting

Have you heard about live event painting? My sister is a live event painter. She is hired to attend weddings, anniversary parties, and other events and she paints the event while the event is going on.

I took these photos of her painting of her friend's son's wedding. She arrives early to the event to paint the background of the painting. This is usually the interior space of the venue.

She takes some photos while she's at the event as she always needs to put the finishing touches on the painting.

She'll ask her clients if there are certain people they want included in the painting and then she will add those who will add interest to the piece. Perhaps someone is wearing a polka dot dress or a hat and they stand out. She might add them to the painting.

Wedding paintings will of course have the bride, groom and their families and the cake.

If you would like more info about live event painting, please email me your contact info and I will have my sister contact you.

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That is very interesting...I have never heard of that particular kind of a painter. Your sister does lovely work!~Patti
I've never heard of it before either. Your sister must be pretty relaxed to do a painting in front of all those people! She does a wonderful job!
What a cool job! Your sister is quite talented!
Donna said…
Wow. Wow. Wow. I've never heard of that type of painting other than in courtrooms! My gosh, your sister is incredibly talented! Those are GORGEOUS! Her friend must have been thrilled with the paintings!... Donna
Anonymous said…

I don't think your blog is boring at all.
live eventress
Nora said…
I'd love to hear more about your sisters paintings. I am getting married in May, :) thanks
Avalovesart said…
I'm so glad someone else has heard of live event painting too! I have a painting made at my wedding and it was fabulous! The artist had a really unique style, not just the typical "paint what you see" sort of thing. I think wedding painters are the perfect addition to make a wedding really special.

Here's the artist that I used:

I know there are a few artists out there doing this, and now your sister can be added to the list too! Best :)

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