Show and Tell Friday-lamp

I am participating in Show and Tell Friday. Hosted by Cindy at My Romantic Home, you can check out other posts by clicking here.

The lamp pictured above has been in my home only one year. I have it in my hallway but it was once in the living room and in it's past life it lived in a gorgeous Victorian home in Melrose, Massachusetts.

I bought the lamp from a woman who was selling the contents of her home. She was downsizing and moving to Florida. She estimated the lamp to be from the 1950's.

It is funny how I ended up with the lamp. I was the chairperson for a charity tea which was held at the lamp owner's home. I commented about her lamp and she asked if I wanted to buy it. I knew she was moving but I had no idea she was selling all her beautiful items like the lamp, china, furniture. I lucked out that day for sure.

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Thank you for stopping by my blog, I had to pop over to visit yours. You have a beautiful blog and I love the choice of music. I'll be back.
Lovely! Your tea party looks wonderful ♥
you are so lucky to buy the lamp.. lovely and very victorian kindda lamp
Hootin' Anni said…
It's beautiful!!!

My New Doll -my Show n Tell. I would really enjoy your company if you can drop by to visit me. Hope you're having a terrific Friday!!!
Victoria said…
That is such a beautiful lamp!
How lovely! Such a romantic, victorian looking lamp.

I have a similar one, though not as fancy, from when I was a girl. Right now it sits in the guest bedroom. Somehow it has survived both of my girls upbringing, and several moves, without being broken.
Sarah said…
Thanks for stopping by HFTS. Your lamp is lovely and how nice to share your tea party.
Glad to have found your blog. I spent some time scrolling down through previous posts. I'll be back again. Lovely blog!
Hi, That is a great lamp. And your cats are too cute. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. And the girls can be cute at times but the are a handfull. Have a great weekend..Julian
Lenore said…
That is a lovely lamp and you certainly were lucky to have purchased it from that woman who was moving.
This is a beautiful Gone with the Wind Hurricane lamp! I have one remarkably similar that I purchased from a neighbors garage sale. She and her husband bought a pair on their honeymoon.

Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your encouraging comment about the loss of my brother-in-law. It was much appreciated.

Kindly, ldh
What a lovely lamp. That was great of her to sell that to you.
Olga Poltava said…
That lamp is surely a work of art. So beautiful!
Alaina said…
Love the lamp, thanks for stopping by the littlest room.
Janet said…
Is your banner photo in Back Bay? It looks very familiar.

Red Door Home said…
Lucky you! How wonderful you were able to purchase something you really liked.

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