Birthday Brunch

The occasion was my aunt's 80th birthday. So today we had a brunch in her honor. Grandpa and grandson show a little love.

The birthday girl greets her son.

Lots of hugging going on today.

And still more hugging.

Let the eating begin, we had fruit, cheese and crackers.

Spring has sprung and we had a picture perfect day for the party.

After all the rain, everything blossomed.

Can you see the Boston skyline in the distance? It's there behind the sailboats.

My dad and his brother had a few laughs. My aunt and uncle came north from Florida for the party.

There were mothers and daughters.

And more mothers and daughters. The daughters are all growing up and turning in to stunning young ladies.

Back to the food. Oh how I love shrimp!

And give me a salad with goat cheese any day of the week.

We posed for photos. Lots of them!

Oops, someone has had enough! It's true, I can be a little overzealous when it comes to picture taking.

Sometimes I wear my subjects down and they give in.

Aw, is there anything better than sisterly love?

The caterers took a minute to pose for a photo. The company is Roots Catering. The food looked and tasted fabulous.

The bar was set up outdoors.

I swear I did not set this shot up. They were actually just watching someone practice her chip shots on the lawn.

Then the desserts came out!

Don't these look positively delicious?

Have you noticed the family resemblance in these photos? It calls to mind that John Hancock commercial that states "when you look into your parent/childrens eyes you surely see your own".

Mmm! Birthday cake. Someone likes strawberries.

The caterer did a wonderful job on the display.

Everyone had a wonderful time.

We'll hang on to sweet memories til we meet again.


Looks like a wonderful time! The food especially looked delicious ♥
Sweet Sage said…
what a wonderful gathering!!
GREAT photos, Elaine .. did i miss the ones of YOU?!!!
going to raid my pantry now .. all of that yumminess made me hungry .. ;-)
Roberta said…
Beautiful family gathering. I especially love the grounds with the view of the Boston skyline with the sailboats. Wonderful weather, lucky Auntie!
Fete et Fleur said…
You have a lovely family, and it looks like you had a lovely time. What a gorgeous setting to have a party in.


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