Exeter- Art & Tiques

I took last Friday off from work. I took a little daytrip to North Hampton and Exeter, New Hampshire. I made a number of stops that day which I will share in
future posts. Today, I will post about the coolest shop in Exeter, New Hampshire.
It's called Art & Tiques.

I saw this display from across the street and it piqued my interest. I expected an artsy funky type of shop. It was so much more.

I entered the shop and there was Charlie. Isn't he adorable? He resides with shop owner Linda Anason. She told me Charlie was a rescue dog from the ASPCA. He has the sweetest personality and the most soulful eyes. He captivated me from the moment I saw him. I am glad he lives with Linda, she clearly loves him.

Linda was so nice to let me loose, camera in hand, in her shop. I took tons of photos!

I loved this teapot but it did not come home with me.

Baskets anyone? There were lots of them.

I liked this red birdcage too and the lantern above it.

All kinds of canes.

Are these your initials?

Where else can you get a fencing mask?

This guy was interesting.

Old baseballs for Red Sox nation.

I walked around with this purse in my hand but I didn't end up buying it.

Interesting items throughout the shop.

Don't you love old boxes? They are great for storage or decorating.

These would make wonderful accent items.

A mish mash of items in the shop. I love to rummage through things.

Pretty bottles on display.

Playing cards serve as price tags.

Paper people? I don't really know what they are.

I liked this lamp too.

Pretty glassware.

All kinds of silverware in baskets.

This clock was really neat. It almost glowed in the sunlight.

And what did I buy? Well, two items. One was an old trophy and the other was a vintage Polaroid camera. When I went to the register, the owner asked me if I was a dealer. I said, "no". She said, "You should be, you picked the hottest items." I was flattered by the compliment.

Rain boots, so cheery. I could have used these last month when we had heavy rain and flooding.

But Friday was absolutely gorgeous and I had so much fun scouring through all the items at Art & Tiques and playing with Charlie. The owner's business card even mentions Charlie.

If you live in the area, you simply must visit Art&Tiques, 130 Water St, Exeter. You won't be disappointed and if you do stop by, give Charlie a hug for me.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
Well I too am glad Linda let you loose with your camera.. what a fabulous store.. I suspect I like everything there.... the glassware looks fantastic!!! and I think I would have snapped up the vintage polaroid too.... Hope you have a fabulous day!!! xxx Julie
Love the bottles..., oh, and those boxes. That's what I would have taken home. Seen them on walls with shell displays and they look awesome!
WOW, I would have a ball in this store! Just by looking the pictures, I saw about five things I'd like to buy :p
If I'm ever in the area, it'll be my first stop!
Mozart's Girl said…
Dear Elaine, we visited Exeter last Autumn...it's gorgeous, I quite agree! I think that this shop was just opening while we were there...I was distracted by the bookshop across the street, but the others all visited! I think I remember a story that the owner set it up after her divorce, to sell all the knickknacks she'd collected over the years? It was a huge place, fascinating! Thanks for happy memories remembered xox
Salmagundi said…
Yes, I see my initials - right there in the bottom right corner - the S.S. Great little stop on your day off. Have a great weekend. Sally
Sea Angels said…
I love all the pictures, what a fab shop to visit, that camera sounds really brilliant, they are getting hard to get..
Thank you for all of your lovely words to me xxxxx
Hugs Lynn xxx
Unknown said…
Thanks, Elaine, for coming to visit Charlie and me. We have been reorganizing and rearranging stuff from the markets for our busy summer season...I have been working on a new art piece in the studio space-currently titled, Homage to the work-a-day world...Actually it's a title in progress seeing as though I still don't have a new, new name for the shop. Coming soon: painting and drawing classes on the street. Linda and Charlie

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