200th post and a giveaway

It's my 200th post. I can't believe it. I finally got here. Some bloggers have reached this point in less than one year but it took me nearly two years.

The blog has evolved for sure. In reviewing my older posts, I realize I have become a very dull girl. I don't do as many posts about places I've been because I really haven't been anywhere of interest. I mean, no daytrips lately. Most of my posts are centered around my home. I also think my blog has not really grown as I had hoped. Was it because I don't post very often? Or maybe the posts just don't interest my readers. Now I try to post every other day but I am not always successful.

So I'd like to ask your opinion. What posts do you like to read? Do you like daytripping around New England with me? Or do you like posts about the condo? Do my posts about tea parties interest you? Or would you like to read more about the kitties? How about my estate sale finds? Is that of interest to you? More photos, less words or vice versa?

You can pick more than 1 category. You can also make suggestions on something entirely different that you would like to see.

You will be rewarded for your input. If you leave me a comment on this post, I will enter your name in a drawing for my 200th post giveaway and I will draw the winner on May 3rd. What is the prize? It's a mystery. I like a good mystery, don't you?

Don't forget, leave a comment, receive one entry for the mystery giveaway. Good luck!


I'm not sure what type of input to give you Elaine. Personally I like your blog the way it is. Look at all the things you just listed, that's quite a variety, and I think every blog needs variety.

I do enjoy your day trips as well as the posts about your tea party and home. I always enjoy reading about your kitties too.

If I had to come up with one thing it would probably be to make your pictures a little larger, which I could help you accomplish in your html (very easy!) or you can do it easily in Windows Live Writer. Larger pictures always appeal to readers, but, as I say I enjoy your blog just the way it is too!

Salmagundi said…
I've followed your blog from the beginning and always have enjoyed the variety. But, you know, I really enjoy the New England trips as I don't get there but every few years. I've also liked following your progress on your condo and fun antique finds. Whatever you choose to post about, I'll read. Sally
I love 'em all! But I'd particularly love seeing some of your New England day trips because, well, you know me! Can't get enough of New England! :)
Fete et Fleur said…
I don't feel your posts have become dull at all. Post what you love and we are sure to love it too.

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Dear Elaine
You know it's funny... I don't think your blog has become dull at all.. but i've been thinking the same about my own blog after 1 year posting...

You know you were one of my very first followers and one of the first blogs I followed myself..and I love how we have a connection with the ppl we meet blogging. that is what I like most about your blog.. is that you do share your life with us and your kitties... I have to admit to loving your day trip posts.. Your photography is always stunning... I also agree with Sharon from New England Life.. with your stunning photos large images would be a bonus.. I used to use Window LiveWriter before I got mac.. and much preferred it to blogger for preparing posts.. you should give it a try...

Anyway apart from that.. I also enjoy the variety you bring.. I think you had the best series for Valentines hands down... just loved your stories.. Ok.. Have fun.. Here's to 200 more!!! xxx Julie
[i'm having a giveaway also if you get a chance to pop by]
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love your blog just as it is. I look forward to it every day, and if it's not a new one, I enjoy re-reading the current post. I especially enjoy your photography, as I think you are exceptionally talented. I think you should think about selling re-prints of some of your photos. But I love your stories as well. I wouldn't change a thing!
Maya said…
I always enjoy travel/sightseeing posts..., especially coastal areas + New England -created a new blog about mostly that (Daily Vitamin Sea). So yes, please day trips!!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Teresa baker said…
I am the winner of a previous post and have been a faithful reader of your blog since. I just don't have an opportunity to leave comments.

I think I like everything about your blog. Although, if I had to pick one thing that you write about I would have to say the day trips because you are visiting places that I will probably not have a chance to visit. So it's nice to see other parts of this wonderful country in which we live.

Thank you for allowing me to take a mini trip each time I read your blog.


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